Breath of the Wild fans are trying to ride Sidon as fast as possible

Each month, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild speedruns get a little weirder. For example, today we have a new game category titled “Mount Percentage” in which racers attempt to ride all the animals in the game. This includes standard creatures, such as horses, but what’s more includes everyone’s favorite piece of shark, Sidon. After all, you ride Sidon during a boss portion of the open world adventure, so technically he qualifies here too.

This fun concept was developed by speedrunning extraordinaire Joedun, who has previously made headlines for things like completing BOTW to 100%, no harm. In an email, Joedun explained that this was initially envisioned as a unique Sidon challenge that came to mind while running the race without damage. But, he said, it soon became clear that the only way to make it an official speedrun category recognized by the community was to develop some rules. It wasn’t long before I decided to include all kinds of frames, just to make things more interesting.

What’s great about this speedrun category is that, as of this writing, it’s the only one that requires fans to do something with the Lord of the Mountain. The ethereal snow-white mount only appears in extremely specific conditions, once on the day of a waxing moon. For this to work, Joedun had to find out exactly what was going on under the hood. It can appear at any time within those 24 hours of the game, and only if you are not entirely in the mountainous region of Satori, says Joedun.

“It turns out that the time it spawns is also random,” he said, so sometimes casual players will see the tricky horse disappear almost immediately after seeing it. It’s also the biggest “pain in the butt” during the race for this very reason, he said during the video.

As a bonus, the launch of the race to the public is commemorated with a friendly competition. Whoever gets the fastest% mount time before May 6 will win $ 100, although second and third place will also get some money for their troubles. Better yet, the ad video breaks down the current route developed by speed runners for the category, meaning that anyone taking this will not start from scratch. This, of course, includes an entire section dedicated to horse riding in Sidon, the star attraction.

So far, Joedun has been able to finish the race in just under an hour, but hopefully others will be able to cut that time down soon enough.

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