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Breastfeeding at Heathrow airport becomes humiliation

  Breastfeeding, Heathrow Airport

A British woman faced humiliation and embarrassment at Heathrow Airport when an employee hit her while pumping breast milk into a toilet.

The woman named Sophie McBain is a breastfeeding mother. "Whoever was traveling without her baby, asked the airport staff for a private place to breastfeed before a flight, and the staff directed her to the room to change the babies, but McBain chose to go to a toilet cubicle instead of the room. for babies, since it had a door that could close.

  Breastfeeding at Heathrow Airport becomes humiliation and conference
Heathrow Airport

McBain took his Twitter and wrote about his experience at the airport Heathrow tweeted: "You feel a little annoyed @ HeathrowAirport – I am a breastfeeding mother and I travel without my baby and I needed to express milk. I asked the staff where I could do this in private and they suggested the change of room for babies. So I used it, I felt a little bad for occupying the room for 20 minutes but … "

"A male assistant opened the door and while I was still attached to a machine with my breasts out, he gave me a lecture about how I should leave the door open or pump outside, "he continued." I felt so exposed and ashamed. Could not it be sent to a female staff member? "

He went on to say," Could not I wait until they unplugged me and [dressed]? Do women who breastfeed have no room to pump unmolested and in private? "

The male employee thought that the toilet was closed as a joke, was alerted by people who wanted to use the barn, had knocked on the door to see if someone was inside but McBain was using a breast pump inside, he did not hear it call.

McBain went to Heathrow management and complained about the incident, she got an email from Heathrow that says in part,

. " although it was uncomfortable, it was not entirely his fault to enter after the warning. That said, every passenger should be treated with courtesy and respect, which means we expect our staff to be professional, helpful and courteous at all times. "

Other women also supported McBain, women supporters called the airport for not having enough private space for women to breastfeed.

A user tweeted, " @ HeathrowAirport … Shocking treatment of a breastfeeding mom. @ SEMcBain trying to keep feeding your baby and avoid horrible medical problems caused by not pumping. Create space to pump and raise awareness among your staff. # breastfeeding. "

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