Breakout rooms are being found at Google Meet, but only to get some education customers started

According to a Google blog post, Google’s Meat videoconferencing service is getting breakout rooms, but they will only be available to G Suite Enterprise for first-time education customers. 9to5Google). With the feature, teachers and tutors will be able to break up their classes into small groups for projects or focused discussions.

Google will let you create more than 100 breakout rooms in one call. Once you decide how many breakout rooms you want, Google will randomly group people into rooms on calls, but intermediaries can manually add people to other rooms if they wish. Meeting moderators can check in groups between rooms.

If breakout rooms are something you want to try, but you’re not an enterprise for the education client, you may be able to use them for a while soon – this feature comes in other G Suite and Google Workspace versions Is supposed to , According to Google. (Google Workspace, if you haven’t heard, is Google’s recent rebranding of the G Suite, though education and nonprofit levels are branding the G Suite for now.)

Videoconferencing rival Zoom already offers breakout rooms to all users (and since 2015), so Google is playing catch-up with this feature. Zoom users can only be divided into 50 different rooms, however, half of the 100 possible rooms offered by Google Meet.

To compete with Zoom and other videoconferencing services, Google Meet has continuously added features during the year as the use of those devices skyrocketed during the COVID-19 epidemic.

correction: Google has not yet given workspace branding to its education customers, so we have changed its references to the G Suite where it is applicable. We regret the error.