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Breakfast battles heat up at Panera, Burger King


Breakfast is fast becoming the most important meal of the day for fast food giants.

On Monday, Panera launched a renovated breakfast menu.

The fast and casual chain added three breakfast wraps to the menu: bacon, egg and gouda; Chipotle Chicken With Egg, Avocado And Peppers; and the vegetarian Mediterranean with egg whites, tomatoes, spinach and feta cheese. Panera is also renovating its coffee platform, adding new offers such as cold beer and updating the chain's standard to brew new dark and light toast mixtures.

The chain hopes to take advantage of customers seeking comfort and quality in the morning, said Dan Wegiel, director of strategy and growth at Panera, a Business Insider.

"There are tons of options in terms of convenience," Wegiel said. "But, there is compensation when it comes to quality."

Panera is far from being the only chain that doubles at breakfast in 2019.

Burger King is trying to win over coffee lovers with its recently opened BK Café, which includes a coffee subscription service that allows customers to pay $ 5 for a month of coffee. Dunkin is working to increase his credibility by changing the brand and adding more espresso-based beverages. And, McDonald's hopes to cement once again its position as the fast-food breakfast champion with its first new breakfast products in more than a decade.

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Why are breakfast battles heating up?

McDonald's added Donut Sticks to the breakfast menu.
McDonald & # 39; s

One of the main reasons why chains are obsessed with breakfast is that it is one of the few hours of the day when sales continue to grow in the restaurant industry. Amid the concern that there are simply too many restaurants open in the US. UU So that the sales in the same stores continue to grow, it seems that the breakfast market is not yet oversaturated.

"Breakfast is an increasingly important part of our business," José Cil, CEO of Burger King's parent company, Restaurant Brands International, recently told Business Insider.

"It is one of the fastest growing parts of the day for the US and Canada, and with Burger King, we already have a good and considerable breakfast business, but we believe there is a great opportunity for growth in the coming years," he continued. Cil. .

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Breakfast is also attractive due to the unusual loyalty of customers. While people may want to change their lunch or dinner routine, at breakfast, people tend to adopt patterns and follow them.

"It's by far the most usual part of the day … Once you have someone in a routine, they tend to want to continue with that," Wegiel said.

The chains are taking different approaches to win over these valuable customers.

The digital order is crucial, as Burger King recently launched a new application and Panera tested "Panera Tap", which allows customers to serve their own cup of coffee and pay through the mobile application. New menu items are emerging in Panera, McDonald's and Dunkin & # 39 ;. And, as Panera seeks quality customers, other chains are chasing budget buyers with items like McDonald's $ 1.29 donuts and the $ 5 Burger King coffee subscription, which boasts the Chains is as cheap as a Starbucks cappuccino.

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