Brazil’s former health minister attacked Bovindaro as Kovid-19’s death is top 100,000 World News

The former health minister of Jair Bolsonaro has accused the Brazilian president of failing to offer “a single word of comfort” to 100,000 Brazilian families who lost their lives to Kovid-19.

In an interview marking Brazil’s latest Kovid-19 milepost, Luiz Heinrich Mandetta – who was sacked in April after challenging the president’s internationally condemned coronovirus response – compelled that Brazil’s Leaders have failed to recognize so much pain.

“There are 100,000 Brazilian families who have not yet received a single word of comfort or solidarity from the government,” Mandetta told the newspaper “Globo”.

Brazil’s official coronovirus death toll reached the top 100,000 on Saturday, taking its total count to 99,572 on Friday after 1,079 deaths.

But on the eve of that milestone, Bolsonaro urged his country’s 210m citizens to put the unfinished tragedy behind them.

“We regret the deaths of all,” the distant populist said during his weekly live broadcast. “But let us get on with our lives, get on with our lives and try to find a way to get away from this problem.”

Without offering proof, Bolsonaro said the state governor was deliberately committing his Kovid-19 death toll to shock his population.

Speaking to O Globo’s daily podcast, Ao Ponto, Mandetta attacked the Bolsonaro administration’s “misguided” response and decision, following his dismissal, to hand over control of the Ministry of Health to military officers with no knowledge of health.

Boltonrow lost a second Health Minister, Nelson Teach, for less than a month, after Mandetta was sacked, before making an active duty army general his interim chief.

“You can’t go to war with doctors. You can’t do healthcare with soldiers,” Mandetta said, adding that the ministry needed to be “immediately” repeated with health experts.

Mandetta, a doctor as well as a professional politician, also accused Bolsonaro of using hydroxychloroquine – which he promotes as a treatment for President Kovid-19, despite evidence it is ineffective – from his botched response. To divert attention.

“Chloroquine was debated as a political proposal designed to block decisions taken by the President of the Republic, to disintegrate the Ministry of Health … It is being discussed. [for the crisis] Needs to be reduced and he used chloroquine to reduce his responsibility, ”Mandetta said, adding that he indicated that he would challenge Bolsonaro in the 2022 election.

Mandetta said he is confident that Bovansaro’s decision to down Kovid-19 and blame China can be traced to a meeting with Donald Trump in early March for the Brazilian crisis.

The 55-year-old politician said, “I have no doubt that the Trump administration directly affects the Bolsonaro administration,” adding, “They both had a major political view of the health crisis.”

“The difference was that when the US President caught the scale of the tragedy that was going to be responsible for it [and] It was seen that American society would not forgive him for his stance against the denial, isolation and removal of disease and the ensuing deaths, [he changed tack]. ”

Bolsonaro, by contrast, “radicalized”, double-hitting on his denial of the epidemic and his responsibility to fight it.

“So what?” The Brazilian president said that due to the rising death in April, soon after Mandate’s dismissal. “Forgive me. What do you want me to do?”

“The Messiah of my name – but I cannot work miracles,” Bolsonaro added in reference to his second name Messius.

Mandetta said that it is Brazil’s world-renowned National Health Service, SUS, which partially reduced the suffering by coping extensively with a wave of Kovid-19 patients.

Without its efforts, “Now we will be in every man’s position for ourselves … in a state of barbarism”, he said.

On Thursday, Bolsonaro claimed that his government had done “possible and impossible” to save lives. “Our conscience is clear.”