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Each year, a proportion of Ukrainians need to give their income to the IRS to be renewed by their civil duties. The 2019 annual change of Income Tax statement is happening in the & # 39; April, but experts say that some of the main mistakes made by those who say that Income Tax is happening at the time of the # registration, by writing or a & # 39; lack of information Next Post It is more likely to make mistakes that have been previously configured.

In addition, whoever gives the previous statement, it also has the priority to recover, if it is desirable. The rules for this year's confirmation are not yet released, but it is already possible to move forward and collect some of the documents required to confirm. See it!

For those who have already said

If you have already said in other years, the first thing you will do is the IR statement from last year. If there was a car exchange or a navigation change, enter the documents that contain each function different. Also, your main information, name and CPF or CNPJ, from which you purchased or sold.

First statement

If this is your first statement, you need to make a detailed list of the material. Take the documents of your building, car, motorcycle or any other property. Also give your CPF and the voter's title to make the first record in the Commissioners. In each case, if your dependents, they also share the CPF from each. Until last year, it was only necessary for dependents over eight years, it starts to & # 39; count for each year.

Health and Education

Also divide your own and your dependents with education and health. Both are deducted from the Income Tax. Arrange the receipts provided by doctors, dentists and other health professionals, as well as the medical receipts, hospital and health insurance statements. There is no limited limit for health costs.

The same must be done with fees and expenses receipts with education, telling the student's name and the CNPJ's institution. The only revenue does not cover the costs of primary, middle, secondary, postgraduate and technical schools. Out of school, language or sport courses are not included.

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