Politicians from Brazil the truth, pedophilia, Nazis in the US Army: Assange describing the arrest t

Seven years after he lived in the Ecuador embassy in London, Julian Assange he was arrested by London police. The co-founder is WikiLeaks He was taken to prison and is now scared to be sent to the United States.

– The impact of Julian Assange on influencing global data

Those who believe that Assange will leave the queue have been mistaken. As promised, Australia is published all (more) your files in your file. The data becomes confidential to governments from countless countries, including Brazil, international banks and other major continents. Completed pack is complete US Army Nazi forces, the millionaire of the Sarney family and their expectation HIV from Steve Jobs. It was rejected at the time of publication by a number of sites, in 2011, a year after the death of the businessman.

Julian Assange has made a commitment that all the documents will be published

– Apple is building a $ 1 billion camp in Texas

Steve Jobs, the Apple's founder, has officially died of rare cancer. According to a published document by WikiLeaks, t There were posts as carrier of AIDS. The files show a secret test that shows HIV.

It is possible to see the full name of the entrepreneur, Steve Paul Jobs, on the date of birth, February 24, 1955 and the ID number. Even jobs record on it California Pacific Pacific Center. Several studies state that the document is documented as the laboratory would be established two years after the date of designation.

Steve Steve's signs can be seen on the HIV test

"I can confirm that exams can contain information about the treatment and diagnosis of HIV / AIDS," commanding, asking for confirmation from the patient. You can see a visa on the side.

Something like a recipe gives a good idea for the AIDS virus

a & # 39; Sarney He was also in the radar of Julian Assange. According to the published documents, t Rockets have more than 150 million dollars from Roseana Sarney (opened in reduced tax-paid countries) around the world. The lawyer José Brafman, friend of Jorge Murad, a husband of Roseana, appears in freedom.

“Brazilian authorities must be curious about the number of companies created by Rio de Janeiro's solicitor called José Brafman. The files show links through Brafman, Antrade to Roseana Sarney. She was probably a candidate for the Brazilian president in 2002, but retired after the police got $ 570,000 in her home. "

WikiLeaks: $ 150 million is overseas at Roseana Sarney abroad

A file of about 22 pages shows that organizations are holding them Nazi empathy to attend the American army service. The information was collected by the FBI information department and shows that some of the largest members of the United States are in the Armed Forces, from detention to the National Guard. The archive is based on extracts from newspaper reports.

"The murdered white soldier for killing a black couple" t, in a cutting from the 1995 edition of Washington Post.

WikiLeaks: US Army soldiers attached to White Supremacism, Nazism and Gangs

The report presents a view from a significant key view of the federal administration of the USA. "The Defense Secretary notes that there are huge numbers and many other weapons in armament."

Another section gives more information about the death of the black couple.

“Troops belonging to the white workers at Fort Bragg were issued when an American-American couple died in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The crime opened a survey of 22 troops at Fort Bragg with remote practices. "

Also in 2007, he was joined by Julian Assange symbols used by pedophiles to attract victims.

“Pipers, those who abuse children and those who do, distribute or sell child pornography. They use a range of identity, symbols or symbols to recognize and distinguish between sexual choices., said the document.

The letters continue, "In identification of gender and sexual orientation, members of pedophile groups use descriptions of girl's friend & baby's & # t 39. These symbols come in special rings and printed in " t.

FBI also describes the performance of pedophile networks

The English bank Barclays to invest more money 300 million pounds in the Brazilian market to pay a fine. According to the file, the “Investment will be made with a special British tax company. The remainder of the sector is managed by the Barclays Bank. "

The stone pathway tells of a company from the Cayman Islands, the NewCo. It is the bank's idea to charge a fee for up to 19%.

WikiLeaks distribute analysis of cannabis from the South African government. management of marijuana. The article compares measures in countries such as New Zealand, Holland and the United Kingdom, and provides strategies to keep young people out of grass.

"Historically, marijuana will be grown for a number of reasons, including medicine. In South Africa it is a basis of a foreign market income, prepared with a mixture of tobacco and smoked. T Piping or rolling as cigarettes. t

That is just a few of the hundreds of stories published by WikiLeaks. Think about what is coming.

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