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The best hotel in Foz do Iguaçu, Forbes is a feature

For the selection, the evaluations will be analyzed around 900

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Le Foz destination for Iguaçu

The best hotel in Brazil is in Foz do Iguaçu. For the second year thereafter, the Belmond Hotel is the only man in the country to find five stars at the highest in the prestigious edition of the Forbes Travel Guide 2019. Am- year, eight Brazilian hotels were selected, based in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Foz de Iguaçu.

The Forbes Travel Guidelines are the creation of the prestigious Five Star Star system and offering the highest standards of travel business and hotel ratings, restaurants and flats since 1958.

Each year, Forbes Travel Directions assessors travel to the world to select the best locations in the # 39; business. The list, which is already in its 61th edition, is carefully explained.

He will work like this: Assessors who will stay for at least two nights on buildings as regular guests and their clients. It examines about 900 things, so the four categories, five and stars that are proposed, are & # 39; Provides well-agreed results for world-wide experiences.

"For the second year in a series, it is a pleasure to achieve the highest five-star rating with Forbes Travel Guides, world-class celebrities throughout the world. The whole team at the Belmond Hotel has respected Das Cataratas with this recognition. Our aim is to provide things that can not be accommodated to our guests, Offering services and goods of excellence to exceed their expectations, "said general manager Eduardo Bressane.

"The ones who visit us are to become the UNESCO destination of the World Heritage Center and one of the seven new natural wonders that make The most unique is. Foz do Iguaçu is the destination of a unique nature, which attracts more visitors, Brazilians and abroad, and this award affirms that House Belmond is the best place for the city of Catalonia to be the best place for those who want to know this city of natural beauty in Brazil, "said Bressane.

In the Forbes Guide this year, 21 new hotels have received five stars, 49 have won four stars and 62 have entered the list of recommendations. Six restaurants also reached the highest level of assessment in the management, performance performance with eight other spas.

New situation

"The density of the Hotel Das Cataratas is a description of the quality of the building name of the Foz do Iguaçu hotel. As well as entering our town on the" world of worldwide tourism, since the Hotel falls to Waterfalls belonging to French LVMH, owner of Louis Vuitton, "says secretary of Tourism, Business, Trade and Strategic Projects, Gilmar Piolla Post Office,

"This main note of the Waterfall Hotel in Guia de Forbes, one of the most prestigious publications in the world, is a reason for all of us who are working to Head- Improving Iguaçu's goal, "said Piolla.

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The Belmond Hotel in Waterfall is the only hotel development within the Iguaçu National Park, where Iguazu Falls is one of the Seven Natural Natural Things.

The construction began in 1939, with the completion of the work that took place just 10 years later. However, it was not installed as a hotel but in 1958. The style of a castle has two floors in the building and the building has 187 units, divided into seven sections.

Louis Vuitton recently announced the purchase of Belmond's network, which is the guide of Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro, and the Waterfall Hotel, for US $ 3 billion.

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