Facebook Director of WhatsApp Products and destination companies – 03/14/2019

Chris Danx and the director of WhatsApp Chris Daniels announced on Thursday that they were leaving the company, a decision made after the amalgamation that Mark Zuckerberg announced.

In a public letter issued to Zuckerberg's staff, Zuckerberg gave an account of the departure of the two directors, which were 13 and eight years respectively.

Cox was one of Facebook's earliest engineers and is seen as a personal friend of Zuckerberg. Daniels was less than a year old as chairman of WhatsApp.

“Chris (Cox) has been talking to me about the desire to do something different. He is one of our most talented people and I know he has the ability to do anything! he asked to do it, "Zuckerberg said in the letter.

About Daniels, the Facebook founder said he is one of the “fastest and most respected business thinkers” he has met. Zuckerberg also urged “diversity diversity” helped by the now WhatsApp chieftains.

The two tours come after the Zuckerberg was announced last week that the social network has been converted to a "communications platform aimed at privacy".

Adding WhatsApp as a comment, Zuckerberg explained that people are more interested in speaking to each other privately, not in an open environment.

According to Zuckerberg, Facebook has seen in the last few years how private messages, applications for temporary publications (such as Snapchat) and small group activity in the social network have dominated the biggest areas of interaction. T virtual.

In the letter, Zuckerberg makes it clear that outwith the two directors are connected to the company's changes last week.

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"Starting on this new vision to mark the start of a new chapter for me, I am sorry to announce that Chris Cox has asked him to leave the firm … at the same time as we began the new business. T this new chapter, Chris Daniels also welcomed ", wrote the Facebook founder in the text, which was posted on the company's blog.

Yesterday, Facebook, along with Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, suffered one of the longest history stories. For almost 24 hours, millions of users around the world had not accessed applications or fulfilled some of the functions offered, such as being a remove photographs and sound recordings.

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