Astro PSG is converted by the coach's decision and is cut off from League League duel

Everything does not grow in & # 39; multimillionaire Paris Saint-Germain. Last year, Thomas Tuchel's coach was causing Thomas Tuchel's coach to disturb his / her son; living on the sky in a Wednesday relationship. The driver was discussed with the German, wanted the property and was cut off his & her; final communication. The information from Mundo Deportivo de Catalunya is daily.

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Rabiot is named after Barcelona in the last few months. The French is one of the most important elements of the Parisian team in recent seasons and has been interested in the Catalan team. The athlete is connected to the club until June 2019. However, the French team does not want to strengthen rivalry in Europe and, they could release the wheel for $ 43 million for those offering a offer.

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The Tucel team situation is not comfortable in the Scottish League. The French team will host the third set of C groups, behind Liverpool and Naples. Now, PSG needs to hit its & # 39; an English rival to avoid any chance that will eliminate the first phase of the competition. Neymar and Mbappé, both are detected from bad, are connected to the meeting.

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