Braves extend to Ozzie Albies – MLB commercial rumors

The Braves continued blocking their center pieces on Thursday, announcing a contract extension with second base Ozzie Albies that will guarantee a total of $ 35MM of 2019-25 at 22 years of age. The contract includes a couple of club options that are reportedly valued at $ 7MM each, each of which has a $ 4MM purchase. If both are exercised, Albies will earn just $ 45 million over the next nine seasons, four of which would have been free agents.

Albies was already under control until 2023, but now it will join Ronald Acuna Jr. by understanding a core that the Braves can build beyond that point in time. The Acuña contract was considered by many to be a bargain, but the Albies agreement extends for almost the same length while registering a little less than one third of the total maximum value.

In terms of general guarantee, Albies outperformed its second base Ketel Mars, although he did it only by giving away additional years of control. Historically speaking, there is little or no precedent for a player so young and of this caliber that he renounces four seasons of free agents for a maximum payment of less than $ 50 million. While there is surely something to be said for accepting a first payday that changes lives, especially with the two-year arbitration, Albies was on track to become a free agent at the end of his 26-year season. For the sake of comparison, Gennett Scooter He earned $ 18 million in these three years, despite not bursting until he was in his first season of arbitration. Jonathan schoop, who was not tendered after his second season of arbitration, will earn $ 19,475 million in his three seasons of arbitration.

Leaving a second baseman and simply looking at players who signed extensions with between one and two years of service in the big leagues, Christian Yelich (seven years, $ 49.57MM), Andrelton Simmons (seven years, $ 58MM) and Anthony Rizzo (seven years, $ 41MM) all exceeded the Albies warranty by hand. Frankly, it seems to be the kind of agreement an agent would recommend to his client that he does not accept. Maybe Albies simply wanted to take the biggest guarantee that the Braves were willing to offer; after all, he only received a signing bonus of $ 350K as a prospect. However, it is nothing less than a coup for the Braves to capture Albies for a maximum of $ 45 million over the next nine years, only a few weeks later Eloy jimenez He signed an agreement that can pay him up to $ 85 million for eight years before he played a single major league game.

Albies entered his second full season with a batting career of .268 / .317 / .453, along with 30 homers, 49 doubles, 10 triples and 22 stolen bases (in 26 attempts). It has had a fast start so far in 2019, having posted an OPS of .929 in the first 11 games of the season. For a long time one of the best clbadified prospects in the game, Albies obtained what is considered the first of the multiple All-Stars to nod its head last year as part of a season in which both Baseball-Reference and Fangraphs scored 3.8. victories over replacement.

More to come.

Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reported for the first time the agreement (through Twitter). Joel Sherman of the New York Post reported the terms (Twitter golf course).

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