Brandon Straka, right-wing activist banned from airline, charged in riots

A right-wing activist and Democrats known for their unwavering support for former President Trump have been arrested for participating in the Capitol Rebellion urging them to step away from their party.

Brandon Straka, 43, has been charged with a number of offenses, including involving a law enforcement officer during a civil disorder and committing a disturbance in a hearing before Congress.

The former New York City hairstylist and self-described “former liberal” is best known for starting a “walkway campaign” that urged liberal voters to leave the Democratic Party. Earlier this month, Straka announced that Facebook had removed the campaign’s page, which had more than half a million followers.

In June, Strongka made national headlines after she was banned from American Airlines amid a coronovirus epidemic forbidding masks in a flight to Dallas.

In a criminal complaint filed on Monday, the prosecution’s state straka posted several photos and videos during and after the riots. Court documents say investigators were glued to Streca’s involvement when a tipster indicated he had posted Video on Twitter on January 6, in which the activist shouted, “Go, go!” Near the entrance to the Capitol.


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