Brandon Staley Head Coach, agrees to the terms

The Los Angeles Chargers today agreed terms with Brandon Staley as the 17th head coach in franchise history. Staley served as the defensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams in 2020 after spending three seasons as the outside linebackers coach for Delver (2019) and Chicago (2017-18). Staley’s introductory press conference will be held on Thursday, January 21, with more details.

“It doesn’t matter that if you have known Brandon for five minutes or five years, what becomes abundantly clear is the amount of energy and passion that he approaches everyone every moment,” Football John Spanos, president of the operation, said. “The continuation of that enthusiasm is unique and, more importantly, it enhances their ability to connect with people. Their coaching journey is inspiring for this special moment; if not all of it for sheer perseverance and determination , So definitely for dramatic results; it has produced for the teams and players he has coached. I know it’s cliche, but I know that Brandon can’t wait to get a lot of work done. I also know that we couldn’t be more excited to have him as the head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers. “

Staley has coached four pro bowlers, some of the most prominent defensive NFL players in recent memory – Khalil Mack in 2018, Von Miller in 2019 and Aaron Donald and Jaylen Ramsey this season. Three of them (Mack, Donald and Ramsey) were also recognized The Associated Press As a first-team All-Pro selection.

“It’s not that Brandon has a tremendous football mind that makes him the ideal head coach to lead our team,” said general manager Tom Telsko. “It’s that he excels at the ability of players to tailor, apply and communicate their concepts effectively. It’s clear that Brandon won’t work out, he’s a football equivalent of a gym rat, and this He has received universal respect. He has coached players throughout his journey. “

“It’s hard to say how excited I am for the opportunity to become the head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers.” “While it is certainly a dream come true, it is also a dream that is just starting. One reason is that it was probably the most job-seeking – from ownership, to fans, to the city, to that For the men in the locker room. – This is a total package. I cannot thank the Spanos family and Tom Telsco enough for having faith in us, and as long as everyone is reading this quote in a press release, We will work hard to develop a program in advance. Chargers fans everywhere can be proud. ”

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