Brandi and Monica fight for music after not talking for 8 years

It finally happened! After a week of hype (and many years of rumors), Brandi and Monica face a “Verzuz” fight, which leads both to sing, laugh and try to set the record straight.

The singers reunited after 22 years for the webcast series of their huge R&B hit, “The Boy is Mine”, which features symbols against each other for a longer musical-and-more fight.

And for those who were at the top, it was no contest: fans of both singers won.

Between the tunes, the women spoke on the subject of their long-running quarrel, and when they did not fully confirm what happened or what did not happen, their banquet made it seem as if they were holding them all back Are ready for.

Monica said, “I wanted to talk to you face to face.” “The more we’re talking, the more it leads to difficult, unnecessary. And I’m really, really a straight shooter, and I really admire what you’ve done and what you’ve got to do . Personally. I don’t know it all, but I know something about it. ”

Brandi returned a wide variety of comments describing her partner as a hit-maker: “I have great love and respect for you, plus, never mind, you know, the time where I felt like I wasn’t . To start someone at the age of 12 – the longevity of your career – you have never given up, no matter which way you are. And I know you’ve done a lot of things and you’re still here. ”

Despite his announced mutual acclaim, he acknowledged that the event marked the first time he had spoken in eight years, meaning that the 2012 reunion for his follow-up hit, “It’s All Belong to Me,” was actually Did not lead A new friendship.

And even though women don’t have a bad blood these days, 39-year-old Monica repeatedly mentioned that she and Brandi, 41 years old, were “disagreeable” at one time, and viewers can’t help There was nothing but frosty moments between them.

For example, when the “So Gone” singer showed her old “kickin ‘” in the door and smackin’ chicks, Brandi stated that she was “one of them” Monica. He stops Monica in her track with denial, sending Brandi on the defensive, claiming it was just a joke, and they had Fans on social media.

Nonetheless, the duo carried out the entire three-hour event, culminating with their hit “The Boy Is Mine”, without a hitch. Swizz Beatz and Timbaland begin a series of “Verzuz” sessions for the first time in March Tops 1.2 million concurrent live views.

While fans went wild with memes on social media, most voiced their appreciation that women had joined the military – even some of their most famous supporters had something to say, including Democratic vice presidential Candidates included Kamala Harris, who joined the women at one point through video and Considered himself a “big fan”.

And there was someone else to make A special appearance In support of women ahead of the “Verzu” fight.

Actress Mekhi Phifer, who played a fictional feud between Brandy and Monica in the video “The Boy Is Mine” so many years ago, reprized her role in the trailer for Monday night’s Epic Show.

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