Brad Pitt is “looking forward” to spend the birthday with children – Hollywood Life –

Brad Pitt is “looking forward” to spend the birthday with children – Hollywood Life


Brad Pitt's birthday is coming and, according to our sources, the family has GREAT plans! Here are all the EXCLUSIVE details!

It can not be denied that 2017 has been a difficult year for Brad Pitt . She has been adjusting to the single life again while returning to work for the first time since he and Angelina Jolie 42, separated. However, we are hearing that you will end your year with a bang! Apparently, the star Allied is going to spend his 54th birthday on December 18 surrounded by his children. Head over here to see more pictures of Brad and his family!

" Brad is actually searching ahead until his birthday this year when he goes to has all the children with He, "an initiate shares with EXCLUSIVELY. " Maddox and Pax told his father they were going to cook it a special birthday dinner and [19659000] girls van to make of it a pastel . A lot has changed in on last year, and Brad feels much better now to really difficult twelve months. Brad's children mean everything to him, and he hates not being there every day with them, but he's seeing a much more than children now living nearby, and feels that he has finally been able to make up for lost time. Brad really felt on his birthday the year past, but now it has returned to normal and has started really looking forward towards the future again. "

Earlier we reported that Brad was unable to attend his son Pax birthday in November" Brad wants nothing more than for to be with his children in all his milestones – like Pax & # 39; s birthday, "said a source close to Brad EXCLUSIVELY. " But thanks to ] Angelina, Brad is sad and disappointed that the time with Pax on his big day is simply not possible ". It seems he's going to make up for that very soon! [19659026] HollywoodLifers Are you loving these details as much as we do? Let us know in the comments section below!

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