Brad Keselowski wins cup playoff race in Richmond

Brad Keselowski – Winner: “It was a great race for us and the 2nd team. It is, I think my car is from Laudan, and I wanted to have a really good burnout with it, but I want this car for Phoenix. It is 2-for-2 and I am the actual pump. I do not want to look much further. We have reached there. The next round is going to be really difficult, but, nonetheless, I am really pumped about this performance and the way we drive on fewer tracks. It took me so long to come up with the Western Star / Alliance Ford Mustang, but it was awesome. ”

(What is the type of situation for PHOENIX?) “We’ve got to get there. I haven’t fully made it in the last two years, so we’ve got all the way there, but if we could get to Phoenix Then we will be really good. “

Martin Truex Jr. – Second Place: “Really very surprised that we ran like we felt the car. It wasn’t really doing anything that I wanted us to do or we did well here when we were good. The whole night was just a fight, a hard fight and people did a great job of adjusting, closing the pit and just following it and keeping us in front. Good, solid night. “

Joey Logano – Finished third: “It was a very quiet race and we just kind of hung on to the top three the whole time. I felt like our car was very good at the beginning of the race. The track kind of tightened a bit and we lost a bit of speed (Martin Truex Jr.) and (Austin Dillon) a little bit more, obviously, (Keselowski) congratulations to those guys. He was fasting today. It just seemed that if we fixed the turn, I fell loose, so it seemed that you could pick up your poison a little bit. It looked like we were third to fourth in our car and we were third with a shell / penzoil mustang. We are doing what we have to do.

We scored stage points and top five scores and put us in a pretty good position for the next weekend. I am proud of this effort and proud of what we have picked up here recently since the playoffs started. We just have to keep rolling it. If we keep getting the top five then we will find our way to Phoenix. We just have to keep doing this. “

Austin Dillon – fourth place: “I think I gave one tonight. Our Dow Norcoal Chevrolet was very fast. We had a huge day for stage points, which is going to help us do it big picture-wise. We had a speed penalty in Stage 1, and just coming from back to front in that stage shows just how fast our Chevy was tonight. This number 3 team is on fire right now and is showing when it matters. I have a line in Richmond, and it is working for me. I run a little less on the straitway, and it gives me a good forward drive. I noticed that some other drivers started picking it up and laying rubber on that line. At the end of the race it might hurt us a little, but the biggest thing is that when we came to the pit road for our second green-flag stop in Stage 3, we were trying to get everyone down .

“The number 1 car was in my mirror on the tire. I think very little of the entry that I think I needed to avoid being a rear-end, and then it was ‘Oh no, I’m going to hit the red box’ so I got another one around the track Had to lap Which costs us three seconds. It probably killed our deal, but it was still early, so who knows. It was a lot of fun here tonight, and I think we had the best car tonight. “

Chase Elliott – Fifth: “At first, we were better than here, maybe anytime, so I thought it was a big improvement for us. We really needed it here. This has been a really tough track for us. I think we got our Napa Auto Parts Camaro good, especially from the middle part. I got a little behind, I think, as we went to roll the center for the race as much as we needed to delay a run. But, we were better than ever. And all night continuously. I felt that it is a big step for us that we are really struggling.

Kyle Bush – Ranked sixth: “Like last night (in the Xfinity race). There’s just not enough bend in the middle of the corner to keep me wrapped up on the long run. The short run made me feel like I was actually a bit loose and then started getting a little tight and Then it was pretty loose. Just not enough that I guess overall. There was a little fighting this year. The guys gave a great fight. Adam (Stevens, crew chief) wasn’t here and I felt Jacob. (Cantor, fill-in-crew chief) has done a great job. We all know that Adam was back at home. … Overall, it was all we had. We did our M & M’s at Camry’s Struggled hard and we were out of the top-five. “

Erik Almirola – Eighth place: “Smithfield Ford was a handful all night. Everyone kept putting it in and working on it. We were ranked in the top-10 and it was a good day. This is the big deal. Now we need to go to Bristol next week, run well and take ourselves to the next round. “

Alex Bowman – Finished ninth: “How about that one? We finished top 10 in Richmond. He’s like a miracle. We had a really good car and certainly better than a ninth place car. I made my fair share of mistakes. And we had some problems on the pit road. We lost some time there. I’m ready for Truck Hero and It’s really weird to be pumped up about running the ninth, especially when we have a comparison to the ninth. I had a much better car. Last time we were here we ran, I think, 24Th. It is a good pace to go to the cutoff race next week in Bristol. “

Clint Bauer – 10th place: “We were just a click away. Honestly, I felt that we would come to Richmond and run better than that. We needed to run better than this. When you come to the playoffs, the tenth place is not cut. We are looking for more than that especially on these short tracks. We still got another one. It is a lot of fun to visit Bristol. Being nervous about something has a sense of fun in it. I look forward to the next weekend and see how it all turns out. We were good there last time and there’s no reason we can’t do it again.

Tyler Redick – Finished 11th: “I think Richmond is the most challenging track on the raceway circuit, but my No. 8 Cat Rental Store team did a great job tonight helping me find my rhythm and a strong run out with our Chevrolet Camaro ZL1ALE Happened. With no practice here for the start of my first cup, it took me a while in the first leg to figure out the best way to get here with the balance in my car. My entire team made available to us in real time SMT did a great job of analyzing the data and relaying to my spotter, Derek Neyland, that I needed to do it differently on the track to gain the spot there. That data really helped and we had a night out Ton made a difference. Between that reaction and the changes made during our pit stops tonight, I got more confident in the car and was able to run harder with each run of the night. “

Denny Hamlin – Finished 12th: “It seemed that once we climbed over the track, we just weren’t any good. We cannot go through a good corner, we cannot go to the corner. Just nothing was really great with it. I want to thank everyone from FedEx’s Cars for putting this car on the race track. It certainly means a lot to those I spoke with the National Urban League last week, so thank you all. We will move on to the next round and have a little fun next week and see what we do. “

Kurt Busch – Finished 13th: “Our pit strategy did not give us the expected path. We really had to work very hard in the race to manage tires and a sick-handling car. People did a good job working on the balance, which could improve the Monster Energy Chevy on long runs. To help us without any caution we were simply not able to catch a break that we needed. Who thought we would do a short track without any caution? “

Cole Cluster – Finished 14th: “It’s just classic Richmond, I think. You just try and fight and fight all night for that kind of balance and it’s really hard. This track, it feels like you’re on ice too much Are outside, so it’s really hard to put together a perfect car. We had times where we were great with our Mustang and there were times where we were a little off, and that led to the fine day Did. I think we’re still eight points out, so it’s not too bad and we can go to Bristol and if we have a great day, we can lock ourselves in, but it’s all up to the end. Kind of fighting. “

Matt DiBenetto – 17th: “If there is one track I would choose to be in a winning position, it would definitely be Bristol. I think we have a good shot at it. This is the one I am excited about and am struck by this. I think tonight was clearly a tough one for us. It is difficult without practice. We actually had to make a lot of changes on the car when the pit was closed. We got where it was needed but due to lack of practice it took some time. We were driving it well and then there was no precaution to get us back in the lap and in dispute of having a decent day which we would have had if we had got the car right. Therefore, we will go to Bristol and do the best we can.

Ryan Blane – Ranked 19th: “We have to win next weekend. It is very simple and simple. With some of the poor races we have here to make the start of the playoffs, we probably need to go there and win Bristol. That is our mindset. This is our goal. Winning the race is our goal every week but now is our season on the line. We’ll see if we can complete it. In Bristol we have been very close before, it is just an attempt to run the whole race together. “

William Byron – finished 21st: “This is what it is – we ran awful tonight and there is no excuse for that. It was completely a slow death, so we will go to Bristol and regroup for that one.”

Michael McDowell – 25th place: “It was a long night in Richmond anyway. We did very well on the first run and I felt like we were going to do something, but I’m not sure what happened on the second run; We just got really loose and lost a lot of track position for a while before finally bringing it back. Without a lot of caution, there was not a lot of chance that they would come back. This was not the run we wanted for our number 34 Prem Yatra Stops / Speedco Ford Mustang, but we stayed close to the ones we are running with points and we will keep on fighting; Head to Bristol and try to get a better run there. Everyone did a good job and worked really hard, we don’t have any tonight. “

Daniel Suarez – Finished 29th: “We need to work hard to find momentum. Our T-TEN Toyota entry and exit and the first part of the center was tight. We worked to improve it, where it was very good on the new tires in the first part of the run and really good on the last part of the run on the old tires. We just struggled during the middle part of those long runs. As I said, we just need to work harder to find more speed. Let’s go to Bristol, where we had the best performance of the season, and try to do even better. “

John Hunter Nemechek – Finished 30th: “It was a tough night for our No. 38 team. We had an issue with the steering wheel from the start, and just couldn’t really hold that much brake during the race. We were free for the most part, and just struggled with power. But the great thing about this Front Row Motorsports team is that we never gave up. My people still do everything that can set us up for a good finish. We have some notes to add to our short track notebook, so we’ll hit the reset button at the store this week and head to Bristol. “

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