Brad Hand gets a day off and 4 other things about the Cleveland Indians

CLEVELAND, Ohio – It was a sign that all is well with the Indians and is close to Brad Hand when he was taking a nap on pitching coach Carl Willis when he reported that he was off against the Royals Tuesday night under unforeseen circumstances .

The Hands are 1-0 with two saves in the last three days. He is leading the big leagues with 12 saves in 12 occasions.

It could be a lot better than what Hand has done in the last three days. At first, Indians felt confident in using it for three consecutive days. At the end of last season he came down with a tired left hand and barely stood up. Second, he had to make a few big pitches to earn Tuesday’s day.

With a 4-3 win over Milwaukee on Saturday, Hands started the ninth by allowing hits to two of his first three batters. With runners in the corners, he hit Ryan Braun and retired former Indian farmhand Mark Mathias. The Indians made it to the ninth place to make them the winner.

In Sunday’s 4–1 win, Hand started the ninth by allowing Bron to singles. He retired Tyrone Taylor of Brewers and moved on to play a double game from Jacob Nottingham to save.

In Monday’s 5–2 win over the Royals, he was ranked 12th in the number nine position.

Hand is 1-1 with a 2.45 ERA in 16 appearances. He has allowed four earned runs in 14 2/3 innings. Three of them came to the White Sox on 29 July.

“It’s really fun to watch,” Indian President of Baseball Operations Chris Antennetti said on Tuesday when asked about Hand. “I think it’s a tribute to the work Brad has been pouring in and our pitching group has continued to support him.

“You look at some of his components, stats and how well he controls the strike zone and misses the bats. He’s really bounced back and stands up well for us and the back end of the bullpen. Has been a constant force in me. “

In Spring Training II and the early season, the Indians stated that Hand was working on his velocity and brakes on his slider. The search for velo and sharpness for the slider seems to have come to a happy conclusion.

Willis said, “I think he has gotten his stuff to a point where he is maintaining it and not necessarily we are still searching for more velocity or slider breaking.” “I think he ranks very well with those two pitches.”

Willis said that Hands had no velocity three or four years ago, but added, “I think we’re still seeing the slider the same size, we’re seeing the command of the slider. And because of that, His fastball velocity is 90 to 91 mph, it still plays because people respect that slider very well. We feel very confident when we deliver the ball to him. “

Protesting the hand that he did not need for one night, Willis said, “I told him to enjoy his recovery day.” He did not look at me very politely when I told him. But again, 19 games to go and all of them are important and how he is pitching right now. . . The plan is to keep both he and Phil Matton closed tonight. “

Third baseman Jose Ramirez.Joshua Gunter, Clevalpiece

Thumb rest: Third baseman Jose Ramirez made his first start of the season on Tuesday night as he missed his left hand thumb / hand. Enterati said the MRI revealed the injury after Ramirez left Monday night’s game in the seventh inning.

“It relates to more muscle than anything,” Antanetti said. In the past, he had some of the more complex factors with a ligament or bone. It is not, it is more muscular. “

Ramirez leads Indians to homers, RBIs and stolen bases.

“He has been working on it for the last few weeks and it is still going on,” said Antony. “We think giving him a day or two may help him feel a little better.”

Ramirez broke the hamstring bone in his right hand last August.

Tito update: Antony said manager Terry Francona is recovering from his August surgery due to a blood clot. He has come to Progressive Field for the last few days to swim in the pool in the trainer’s room as part of his rehab.

There is still no fixed timetable for his return. First base coach Sandy Alomar is managing in the absence of Francona.

Cleveland Indians start pitcher Tristan McKenzie pitches

The Cleveland Indians made Tristan McKenzie’s pitches against the Kansas City Royals during the first inning. Joshua Gunter, Clevalpiece

Set your limits: Rocky’s right-hander Tristan McKenzie made his fourth big league debut Tuesday against the Royals. In his first three starts, he bowled 80, 84 and 81 pitches, and that is the boundary at which Indians are going to keep him.

“We need to keep their health and their future at the forefront,” said Willis. “We’ll stay like this for the rest of the season.”

McKenzie, prior to this season, did not survive competitively since the second half of the 2018 season in Class AA Akron due to right shoulder, forearm and pectoral injuries. On Tuesday night, McKenzie was eliminated after five innings and 92 pitches.

Cleveland Indians vs Kansas City Royals

Indians placard right-handed Jac.Joshua Gunter, Clevalpiece

under control: Zach Placek, who defeated the Royals on Monday night, scored five runs this season. Initially, he has 34 strikes and two walkouts.

How has Placac done this?

“Zach pitched very effectively last year,” said Willis. “He got away with a lot of mistakes with his fastball in the strike zone. The command of the strike zone was not so great and we felt that he was very athletic, there were times in his delivery where he seemed really in a hurry, not getting in a good loaded position above the rubber, and it It makes it difficult to replicate the point of its release. “

Willis said the Indians spent a lot of time this year talking to Plesake “about controlling the tempo of their leg lift” so that the pitching can stay more balanced on the rubber.

“It took a while to be consistent with him, but since we’ve seen that yes, it’s unprecedented to see a kid with 30-plus strikeouts, two moves,” Willis said. “I think the tempo of his delivery allowed himself to do more of the repeat (delivery) and not only throw more strikes, but also commanded strikes.”

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