Boyfriend Dungeon finally launches this year

Well well, we’ve finally gotten an ETA for these sharp-looking datables. Boyfriend Dungeon’s estimated release date has been officially listed as “when weapons are beautiful enough” for years, leading me to believe that these weapons would never get enough restful sleep. However, the time has come, or almost. Kitfox Games announced today that the dungeon will be open for dates this year in a new trailer.

If you haven’t heard, Boyfriend Dungeon is indeed a dating sim. But the dates and the difficulties and we should all take breaks. So between getting personal with the weapon of your choice, you’ll also head into procedurally generated dungeons to fight them. A dating sim with a roguelike side. Or maybe it’s the other way around, depending on your preferences.

You have seven weapons to choose from, some of which you can see in the trailer up there. You have all the usual types: man in a leather jacket, man in a suit, the woman who is literally a dagger. Oh, and the brass knuckles are a cat, I just found out.

Kitfix has already coyly called this the year of bae blades, which implies that we would see Boyfriend Dungeon this year. However, today’s announcement makes it official. They have also announced that Boyfriend Dungeon will be available on Xboxes and Game Pass. That’s Game Pass for PC too, they say.

Unfortunately, there is no specific date to put on your schedule yet, but I’m sure one of these pointy lovers will make it official soon. When it launches, you can find the Boyfriend Dungeon on Steam. It will also be released on Xboxes One / X / S and on Nintendo Switch.

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