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The universe of comedy and podcasts is constantly expanding, not unlike the universe universe. We are here to make it a little smaller, a little more manageable. There are a lot of great shows and each one has a lot of great episodes, so we want to highlight the exceptional and the remarkable. Every week our excellent team of enthusiasts and podcast specialists and especially enthusiastic people will choose their favorites. We hope to have our ears permanently plugged with the best of aural comedy.

Hobby hunter – Videogames: Capital G Gamer with Bowen Yang

Sydnee Washington – comedian, unofficial HBO ambassador Industry, and co-host of The unofficial expert with Marie Faustin – has joined the HeadGum family with their new podcast Hobby hunter. Every week, Washington interviews other comedians about their hobbies, from collecting baseball cards to skin care, as he gets to the bottom of exactly what counts as a hobby. (If you’re very online and looking for a pinch of affirmation, Twitter counts as one in Sydnee’s book.) This week, Saturday night live Cast member Bowen Yang teaches Washington about the beauty of video games, taking her through several intricate worlds: the dazzling nightlife of the Habbo Hotel that wowed him at age 11; the “esoteric, all-consuming” epic fantasy of Final Fantasy XIV; the streets of New York riddled with crime Marvel Spider-Man. Even if you’re not a video game enthusiast, Washington, in addition to being outrageously fun, has bottled up some podcast magic here – the unrivaled pleasure of hearing people talk about the things that enlighten them, especially at a time that has brought the hobby hunter of us all. –Kriska desir

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Add to cart – Spice things up with Lauren Lapkus

“Add to Cart.” They are three little words that usually come with a lot of luggage. Whether it’s clicking late at night shopping for things you won’t remember in the morning, or enjoying something you definitely don’t need, any internet citizen is familiar with all those “add to cart” feelings. Add to cart the podcast is here to help you understand our spending habits and examine what our online purchases say about who we are. Every week presenters Kulap Vilaysack and SuChin Pak discuss all the things they are adding to their carts, be it real products, TV shows, or even ideas. They are joined this week by Lauren Lapkus, sharing the details of her stylish grocery rack, a pillow that will put you to sleep, and the ridiculously infuriating Netflix show. Marriage or mortgage. And while you’re here, go ahead and add last week’s episode to your cart. Recorded shortly after the Georgia shooting, it is an emotional and important conversation about Asian hatred, anti-Asian rhetoric and gaslighting that should not be missed. –Leigh cesiro

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Bitch sesh – Andy Cohen

Bitch sesh it’s a weekly celebration of all things Real housewives where hosts Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider “chat about the season’s wildest moments, drink HousewivesHe came on brand and brought in some super special guests. “This week’s guest is the most notable and imaginable investigative journalist, Andy Cohen. As executive producer of the Real housewives franchise and “guest / boyfriend / dad / savior / god” of the podcast, bring all the goods. They’re talking about everything from teeth (all housewives have received or are receiving new ones) to text messages (Cohen recalls which housewives refused to keep to business hours). It’s a juicy episode in which Cohen freely talks not only about the beloved Bravo franchise, but also about other more infamous reality shows and his own upcoming series. Really: the history of reality television. Tune in to hear all the dirt and laugh at all the digging. –Becca james

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The reading – Saweet Dreams

Kid Fury and Crissle West aren’t here to disagree on his advice to musician Saweetie about his publicized breakup with Migos member Quavo. The reading, presented by Kid Fury (Dear white people) and Crissle West (Drunk story) highlights the hip-hop and pop culture news of the week, especially the viral moments online. Saweetie and Quavo’s breakup was the main topic of discussion, with Kid Fury and West jokingly taking the blame for advising a breakup a week earlier. The presenters delve into how fans affect the personal lives of celebrities, from websites showing which celebrities unfollowed themselves to how social media pressures artists to be more open about their personal lives. It actually embodies one of the lines from the “Break Up With Him” ​​podcast, as the hosts discuss why, in theory, it might have been the best decision for the couple. Beyond celebrity drama, the duo also tackles fan drama. In the “Listener Letters” segment, Kid Fury and West discuss dishonesty in socially distant learning, specifically how technologically advanced children often “miss” assignments despite having access to YouTube and photo editing applications. If a year in quarantine makes you miss a little drama in your life, The reading is here to fill that void. –Alejandra Gularte

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