Boulder police used the slain officer’s handcuffs to formally detain the shooting suspect

“This week, several Boulder police officers and others responded to a local hospital to formally detain the suspect in Monday’s shooting,” police said in the tweet. “As they did so, the officers informed him that the handcuffs used that day were those of Officer Eric Talley. The suspect was later taken to jail.”

Talley was one of 10 people killed when police said Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa opened fire at a King Soopers store Monday afternoon.

“It was a great honor for us to use Officer Talley’s handcuffs to formally process him in jail,” police said. “Although it was a small gesture, we hope it is the beginning of the healing process that many of us need at this time.”

The Boulder Police Department posted this photo of Officer Eric Talley's wives in a post on Twitter.
Talley, 51, a father of seven, was the first Boulder police officer to arrive at the King Soopers store when the shooting began. Police Chief Maris Herold praised her bravery for entering knowing the dangers.

“I have to tell you about the heroic action of this officer when he responded to the scene,” said the police chief. “He didn’t have to dedicate himself to the police force, but he felt a higher calling.”

The police officer killed in the Boulder supermarket shooting was the father of 7

He said Talley was “willing to die to protect others” and embodied “everything the police deserve and need.”

Alissa, 21, is accused of killing 10 random people with an AR-15 style pistol. When he was arrested at the scene of the shooting, he was first taken to the hospital because he was shot in the leg. He was booked into the Boulder County Jail the next day.

The suspect appeared in court Thursday when his defense attorney asked a judge to delay the next hearing because the defense needs to assess what she called her client’s mental illness. A prosecutor also told the judge that he plans to press further charges in the case within weeks.

Alissa has been charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder, the district attorney’s office said Thursday.


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