Boston Police Sergeant on leave for investigation during George Floyd’s protests

The Boston Police Sergeant was placed on leave amid protests against racial injustice and an investigation into the conduct of law enforcement during the death of George Floyd.

The trick comes later AppeaL Published footage of officers’ conduct during protests during the summer.

The footage allegedly shows officers threatening protesters and using excessive force, NBC News Reported.

Boston Police Commissioner William Gross Said in a statement On Friday, he ordered the Bureau of Professional Standards to “conduct a thorough and impartial investigation into the matter, and the totality of the circumstances involved”.

“I have engaged a Sergeant in this incident on administrative leave and I will necessarily take any additional action at the conclusion of the investigation,” Gross said. “I want to encourage people to bring these matters to our attention so that we can properly investigate them.”

Gross did not identify the sergeant who was placed on leave.

The appeal, “a non-partisan, mission-driven media organization covering the economy, politics and policy”, published body camera footage from protests held from 31 May to 1 June, obtained from an attorney representing some of the protesters was done.

The video allegedly showed officers allegedly targeting non-violent protesters for arrest, discussing the use of cars as weapons and the use of chemical agents.

In a statement shared with The Hill, Boston Mayor Martin Walsh (D) said, “This footage is hard to find and to answer the many questions I hope to answer through an internal affairs investigation is.”

“We never want to see police officers using force more than necessary when tensions are high,” he said.

Meanwhile, Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association president Lawrence Calderone accused the attorney that he “stitched several relevant video snakes together”.

“Reality-changing efforts and insults aside, the fact is, the violence and hatred against our officers and our city is over forever, because of the damage done by the police to the minds of our officers and their families And memories will be busy forever. – Anarchists and agitators who showed a peaceful protest for violence and looked for a fight, ”Calderón said in a statement posted on Twitter.

According to the footage, the conduct of the police protesting the vandalism of the police in the summer has been investigated in recent times.

New York City Police Department Published 111 page report On Friday it was found that local authorities used excessive force during protests in the city.

Nationwide protests erupted in late May this year after footage footage captured in Minneapolis showed former office Derek Chauvin with a knee on Floyd’s neck for several minutes during the arrest. Eventually, Floyd became unresponsive and was later pronounced dead.


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