Boston news anchor fired to appear in Hubby Halloween

Alaina Pinto, Huby in Halloween Alaina Pinto playing the role of “news anchor” in Hubby Halloween
Screenshot: Netflix

In general, the best thing you can say about Adam Sandler’s recent slate of Netflix comedies is the resignation “Hey, who are they hurting?” Now we have a definite – if indirect – answer to that question, with time limit Reporting That boston morning News anchor Alaina Pinto has now been sacked for appearing in a Sandler film. In particular, Pinto tweeted this week that he was terminated by his network, 7 News Boston WHDH, after he filmed a cameo just for release Hubby halloween.

Pinto, who has been credited with “news anchor” in the holiday comedy, appears on screen for about a minute, mostly to Gogh, where she and every other woman on her news team are known for Halloween this year as Harley Quinn Chosen. Unfortunately, that brief appearance clearly violated her contract with the station, eventually resulting in her termination.

Now, clearly, it’s not the fault of Adam Sandler, Hubie DuBois, or Hubby halloween on one’s own. (We haven’t seen it, but we’re pretty sure Pinto’s contract wasn’t specifically for appearances in films in which a character has a magical thermos with which he solves scary crimes.) It’s still a is bummer, however, and. One caveat is that the decision to participate in the Adam Sandler project, no matter how fun it may be on paper, should never be taken lightly.