Bose’s new noise-canceling earbuds near release, get name changes

Bose’s new QuietComfort Earbuds are designed to compete with Apple’s AirPods Pro.


Bose fans are not waiting for the company to delay releasing their next generation of true wireless earbuds. Okay, if an official launch video courtesy of Australian retailer Harvey Norman is any indication, it appears that the product, formerly known as the Noise Canceling Earbuds 700, may soon be available under a new name : The Bose Earbuds.

The company announced two new true wireless models last year. Earbuds 500 – now called sports earbuds – according to Bose’s UK site – were Previewed back in June of last year And is supposed to ship in 2019, but was pushed to 2020. The noise-canceling earbuds 700 were not scheduled to ship until this year, but many were hoping that both new earbuds would ship before 2020 as several competing models came to market. In July, an early version of the new noise-canceling earbuds appeared Mysteriously featured on YouTube, Therefore building anticipation for an official launch. (Press “View on vimeo“Button to watch video).

QuietComfort Earbuds highlights some of the flagship product in the launch video and offers specs. Bose called his noise-canceling “the world’s most effective” and “breakthrough acoustic innovations” as “crisp, clear audio and deep rich bass”. Has a custom-designed microphone array for “clear” calls, up to 6 hours of battery life (better than one hour) Apple’s AirPods Pro) And buds are sweat- and weather-resistant, although no IPX rating is listed.

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They come in black or white and are equipped with Bose Stay Here ear tips, which are very comfortable and should keep the buds in your ears securely. While no pricing was provided, I doubt they would spend around $ 250 to match the pricing of AirPods Pro.

The link to the launch video first appeared in a Reddit message board and it is unclear whether Harvey Norman sent the video live ahead of time. While some Reddit commentators stated that the long delay robbed them of their enthusiasm for the new earbuds, one can only hope that the wait was worth it and that the QuietComfort Earbuds live up to their billing.

I think the name change was a smart move. Bose aside its QuietComfort branding upon its full release Noise cancellation 700 Headphones, and that was a mistake. Sports earbuds seem to be better than earbuds 500, so it may be that Bose is finally performing their tasks together, one after another until 2020.

Company settled Name of its first female CEO, Lila Snyder. He debuted on 1 September, perhaps to debut some new earbuds.

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