Bose Quatcomfort earbuds offer powerful noise cancellation for $ 280

Like recent Bose headphones, QC earbuds cancel 11 levels of noise. You can also choose from 11 levels of sound control, or ambient sound, so you determine how much clutter you have outside. Both settings are customizable inside the Bose headphones app. The company also says that QC earbuds each weigh about a quarter (0.3 oz), which should help the comfort department. And this is good, because based on product images, these buds look quite large. What’s more, there is a fin to help keep the buds in place. In terms of battery life, Bose says that you can expect up to six hours on earbuds and an additional 12 hours of listening time for two additional times.

QC earbuds will be priced at $ 279.95 when it arrives on September 29. It is at the top level for premium True Wireless products in terms of price. They are available for pre-order starting today and you can choose from black or white color options.


If you want something that can withstand physical activity, then the Bose Sport earbuds are just that. And they are more affordable at $ 179.95. The Sport model has the same design as the QC earbuds, though they have a more oval shape than the pricier new buds. Sport earbuds also have a fin that helps protect them during workouts. Bose says the model was “completely re-engineered”, with new acoustics, a higher efficiency driver, new port design, and volume-optimized EQ. The company claims that the end result is “clear, powerful performance” in a set of true wireless earbuds made specifically for exercise.

Apart from aesthetics, the key difference between the two new Bose models is the ANC. Sport earbuds do not have noise cancellation, but they come with similar Stay Here Max tips as a passive alternative to passive isolation isolation. As you might expect, the sporty model is IPX4 sweat rated and water resistant for extra protection. Bose says that this version provides up to five hours of use with two full charges in the case. Sport earbuds will also come in black and white color options, but a third blue version will also be available here.

The Bose Sport earbuds will also be available on September 29 and you can pre-order today.