Bose leads QuietComfort Earbuds to rival AirPods Pro

Bose is now taking pre-orders for its new QuietComfort Earbuds, which are set to compete with Apple’s AirPods Pro in the premium True Wireless ANC earphones market.

As the QuietComfort brand name suggests, Bose’s latest earbuds feature active noise-canceling combined with passive isolation, which “enhances the performance of all our over-ear headphones – from a compact, truly wireless earbud. Cancels. ”
Bose adds that its new STATHARE MAX silicone tips are designed to be perfectly tailored to the ear contour to create a gentle seal, while a series of internal and external microphones detect ambient noise and allow it To cancel in a fraction produces an opposite signal. Milliseconds.

Another feature of Bose’s earbuds is AirPods Pro’s transparency feature, which allows the user to listen to music simultaneously while listening to the environment around them – whether it’s listening to traffic during running or in the morning An important train during the movement of.

The Bose Quattacomfort earbuds provide 11 levels of transparency, allowing users to cancel out noise that suits the situation. This contrasts with the transparency mode of odAirPods Pro, which is a binary on / off feature that cannot be optimized.

Bose’s earbuds react to touch-based gestures to control content, while a microphone in the right earbuds picks up the voice of the user’s voice and rejects other noises during calls or when using a virtual assistant. Bose also promised a premium listening experience, thanks to the inclusion of “innovative” audio equalization technology:

The acoustic package inside these earbuds is capable of producing deep low notes and exciting, vibrant sound, no matter how loud (or soft) you like to listen.

And this is no small achievement. Because when you lower the volume on most earphones, the bass disappears, making your music sound tinier and smaller. We solved the problem with our volume-optimized active EQ technique. This innovation automatically increases lows and highs so the music, videos and voices you are listening to constantly stay balanced – even if you change the volume.

QC earbuds are IPX4-rated, making them sweat, rain and weather resistant and offering up to six hours of battery life on a single charge, while two additional full charges are provided by a wireless charging case. There is also a quick charge mode that can provide two hours of time on a 15-minute charge.

Bose’s Quietcfort earbuds are priced at $ 279.99 and are available in Triple Black and Soapstone (Black and White). Pre-orders are being taken on the Bose website with shipping starting on 29 September.