Bose announces its smallest smart speaker so far and launches Google Assistant support


Bose today announced its new Home Speaker 300, a two-pound smart speaker that measures a little over six inches high and powerful sound and true 360-degree sound. " The aluminum-clad Home Speaker 300 is priced at $ 259.95, so I expect first-clbad audio performance for that amount of money. This last loudspeaker can be connected to other Bose speakers and intelligent sound bars for a multiroom music system not unlike what you get with Sonos.

The Home Speaker 300 is clearly designed after the larger $ 399.95 Home Speaker 500, but the size reduction meant getting rid of the LCD screen that shows the album cover. It has the same playback controls on the top, along with several predefined buttons that can quickly display your favorite playlist or Internet radio station. In addition to requesting music with voice commands through the built-in microphone, the Home Speaker 300 is also compatible with AirPlay 2 and can act as a standard Bluetooth speaker. A thin LED strip on the front lets you know when the microphone is activated. Despite its small size, the home speaker 300 must be plugged in to power, but unfortunately there is no built-in battery for wireless listening.

Image: Bose

In addition to the new speaker, Bose brings Google Assistant to its Home Speaker 500, Soundbar 700 and Soundbar 500 today. Once you install the latest Bose Music application, you can select Google Assistant as your preferred voice. badistant instead of Alexa, which all these speakers admit out of the box. This option appears only a week after Sonos gives customers the ability to choose between Assistant and Alexa in their intelligent speakers. If that is the case, you have to choose one or the other; There is no way for both to run simultaneously.

Advance orders for the Bose Home Speaker 300 begin June 4 and will be available in stores beginning June 20.

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