Boris Johnson warns China to send HMS Queen Elizabeth to South China Sea. news

This week the Royal Navy’s £ 3.1bn aircraft carrier underwent training exercises at sea for the US and UK F35 Lightning Jets for the first time before returning to the base for supplies before departing for major international exercises including embellishments. The goal is to announce strike carrier capacity after its first operational deployment in 2021 this year.

But North East Scotland MP Andrew Bowie said the MoD had to “make their eyes clear,” adding that they should “step up to the plate” and deploy the aircraft carrier for peace.

Speaking to lawmakers in the House of Commons this week, Tory warned that “the size of the Chinese fleet and its growth rate should be a clear warning of China’s determination to become a maritime superpower.”

He said that the Chinese navy had expanded significantly since 2014, with 335 ships in the communist state’s fleet.

Mr Bowie, a former Navy officer, said: “With renewed rejection in July by both the US and Australia of China’s territorial and maritime claims in the South China Sea, it is time for a truly global UK to step on the plate and Inappropriate and illegal encroachment with renewed assertiveness found.

“Only last week, the People’s Liberation Army launched a series of medium-range missiles capable of carrying nuclear missiles a considerable distance into the South China Sea.”

China has claimed historic jurisdiction over about 80 percent of the sea, using a U-shaped “nine-dash line”, including Vietnam’s Special Economic Zone, or EEZ, as well as the Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands The groups are included.

It also overlaps the EEZs of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam.

In June the United States has tightened its position on the South China Sea, where it has accused China of trying to build a “sea empire” in potentially energy-rich waters, but Beijing has denied it.

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The Philippines, especially its military, have a deep distrust of China that they see as intruding into their territory, threatening their fishermen and denying them access to their energy resources.

PM Boris Johnson indicated the deployment of HMS Queen Elizabeth in 2017, but this week the MoD said details of the deployment were still being finalized.