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07:40 EST, December 7, 2017

09:35 EST, December 7, 2017

Boris Johnson has asked Donald Trump to show "leadership" to restore momentum to the peace process in the Middle East after the US president unleashed protests by announcing that he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and would move the embbady American to the sacred city.

Mr. Trump announced on Wednesday that Mr. Johnson and Prime Minister Theresa May described as "useless", while Foreign Minister Alistair Burt said that other countries would have to come forward to fill the "deficit" of confidence "that the United States had. created in peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine.

Shadow's foreign secretary Emily Thornberry said the government had been "made to look foolish" by Mr. Trump, and that Britain needed leaders willing to "face it." [19659005] But Johnson insisted that the United States remained the "preeminent power" capable of influencing the Middle East peace process and said there was now an opportunity for progress. Mr. Johnson said: "Many people are very excited and interested in the possibilities that the US administration, the Trump administration, could bring to the Environment." (19659005) Answering questions after a speech at the Foreign Office in London, Johnson said: Eastern peace process.

"There is an opportunity, there is a conjuncture of stars, there is a moment, people think, when it could progress."

"I believe that this decision was announced by President Trump, the world would like to see some serious announcements of the United States on how they see the peace process in the Middle East and how to unite the two parties.

  Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson emphasized that the Government clung to its position on the state of Jerusalem (Victoria Jones / PA)

  Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson emphasized that the Government he clung to his position on the state of Jerusalem (Victoria Jones / PA)

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson emphasized that the Government is stuck for its position on the state of Jerusalem (Victoria Jones / PA)

] "I think that's what we all want to see, if we are going to have a move from the US embbady, ​​let's also look at some movements towards the resolution of the Middle East peace process for a long time."

While acknowledging that the United Kingdom had a "moral obligation" to work for peace in the Middle East, he added: "The United States is the pre-eminent power that can now show leadership in resolving this issue. let's see in the administration of EE UU Some policies and some programs to unite the parties. "

Mr. Johnson emphasized that the Government maintained its position that the state of Jerusalem must be resolved as part of a negotiated settlement between Israel and the Palestinians. [19659005] He added: "I see the premature recognition that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and the movements of the embbadies are not useful in this context. It's something we want to do but it can not be done until there is progress towards a two-state solution.

"I do not think it's the right thing to do, I recognize, of course, that, by congressional law, the United States has been committed to doing so since 1995. But I think the United States and all its allies have long thought it was a letter that should not be played until we can use it as an incentive to advance the peace process. "

My response to Trump's announcement about Jerusalem – even because of its low standards, an astonishingly reckless decision, which the UK government must unequivocally condemn:

– Emily Thornberry (@ EmilyThornberry) December 6, 2017

requesting an urgent question in the Commons about Mr. Trump's announcement, Ms. Thornberry was scathing about the Government's policy towards the US. UU

"They told us that, taking him by the hand and embracing him, pleasing him with the offer of a state visit, it was the best way to exert influence and shape his policies," said the shadow foreign secretary.

"But in Jerusalem, as in so many other previous matters, they have been made to look foolish, weak, ignorant and completely uninfluenced."

"When will they realize that bending over for a bully only encourages that behavior, when what our country needs and what the world needs is a British government prepared to confront it? "19659019] Government of the United Kingdom against the decision of the United States to move the embbady to Jerusalem, which does not help the prospects of Peace in the region: Ultimately, Jerusalem should be the shared capital of the Israeli and Palestinian states.The United Kingdom encourages renewed peace efforts

– Alistair Burt (@AlistairBurtUK) December 6, 2017

Mr. Burt told the deputies that the United Kingdom was co-sponsoring a meeting with European partners on Friday at the UN Security Office Council where the meeting will be discussed. He also urged the US administration to present detailed proposals for an Israeli and Palestinian settlement.

"The process has to go on," he said, adding: "If the process derailed by this, that would aggravate the lack of help." of the decision. "

Mr. Burt went on to say:" The nature of the United States as an intermediary in the region will have been affected: that is something we are going to discuss tomorrow at the UN as to how the United Nations can be carried forward. process.

"The United States will continue to play an important role, but there is no doubt that there is a lack of confidence due to yesterday's announcement and it is for other states to fill that gap in order to make sure that the prospects for peace do not diminish."

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