Borderlands 3 will not compete for the loot with its cooperative partners

Borderlands games have always been excellent coexisting experiences, as long as they have been paired with considerate partners. In previous Borderlands games, each dropped booty was the first to arrive, the first service, which meant that you had to discard who had to grab that new weapon or equipment. Sometimes that was fun in its own way, but it could be very annoying when you were paired with a glory party animal that only caught it all by itself.

Well, that's not a problem anymore, if all the players will have their own loot in Borderlands 3. This is what the Gearbox art director, Scott Kester, had to say about the change …

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"One of the things that most excited us in Borderlands 3 is the improvements we made in the cooperative. Regardless of their respective levels or the progress of their mission, you and your friends can play together online, and not only will they receive a significant amount of damage, they will also receive their own discrete loot sequence. No more ninja booties!

Do not worry, if you really love disputes, you can still change the clbadic rules of Borderlands cooperatives. Speaking of booty, it also details some of the features you can expect from the new Borderlands 3 weapons.

"Everyone knows most of the weapons manufacturers, but I think you might be surprised by some of their latest innovations. Atlas now offers the four tracker tags and Smart Bullets, DAHL weapons have four alternative modes, and the Maliwan range now incorporates signatures that can order between two elements and cause guaranteed elemental damage. Looking for something a little more crazy? Okay, what about rifles that generate volcanoes that spit fire, or arms that grow legs and then pursue enemies while verbally abusing them? We also have those. "

Borderlands 3 comes to PC, Xbox One and PS4 on September 13.

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