Borderlands 3 is getting another paid DLC, cross-play, splitscreen and 4K @ 60FPS next-gen

Gearbox was the star of the digital showcase at Borderlands 3Pax. Gearbox confirmed that another paid DLC is coming into the game later this year, adding that it will be a new game mode that also includes a new skill tree for each Vault Hunter – and those new skills New action skills come with trees.

The developers showcased FL4K’s new Trapper skill tree, which is meant to enhance the survival of both FL4K and its pets. The new action skill for this tree is called Gravity Snare, and it periodically blows nearby enemies into the air before slamming into the ground, which obviously disrupts their attacks. The FL4K is also getting a new Hyperion loaderboat pet that comes in three flavors: the tinted ion loader, the melee BUL loader, and the explosive WAR loader with a incendiary shotgun, grenades and even a homing missile pack on command. Does.

Border 3DLC # 4 Announced, Starts September 10

Borderlands 3 is also coming to the next-gen console, with the single player confirmed to run at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second on Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. In addition, the power of the new console also enables local co-op for three and four players via Splitscreen. A vertical splitscreen option is also coming, and will also be available on current-generation consoles.

If you already own Borderland 3 on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One and want to play on the next-gen console, Gearbox announced that as long as you play in the same family (PlayStation or Xbox), the upgrade Will be free Add-on content and save files will also be supported in the transition.

Last but not least, the gearbox also confirmed that the cross-play would eventually be released at some point in 2021, although no further details were provided at this time.

You can check out the entire Gearbox digital showcase below, which has news about Godfall, Tribes of Midgard, Risk of Rain 2, and of course Borderland 3.