Border wall: Department of Defense brakes on project as it reviews Biden’s order

The agency’s spokesperson, Renee Brunson, said “the Army Corps of Engineers, which provides direction and monitoring of border projects,” (executive order) will take appropriate action.

An administration official told CNN that activities could still continue in the next few days to ensure the activity is safe.

Biden opened fire on one of his predecessor chiefs of chiefs on Wednesday evening when he signed a proclamation to build the boundary wall.

“It would be my administration’s policy that no more American taxpayer dollars be diverted to build a boundary wall,” Biden’s proclamation wrote.

Over the past four years, billions of dollars were set aside for additional blockades on the US-Mexico border, leading to a spate of lawsuits from environmentalists and Democratic lawmakers. Since the end of his term, former President Donald Trump has visited the wall, citing it as an achievement of his administration.
Biden transforms America in an instant - but tough challenges loom

The majority of the approximately 455 miles built during Trump’s presidency replaced the old, dilapidated barriers with a newly enhanced wall system, a clear distinction from previously built fences in some areas. According to the latest figures of US Customs and Border Protection, forty-nine miles have gone up where there were no obstacles before.

“(On Wednesday) the announcement will likely postpone work on the boundary wall,” said Travis Sharp, a research associate at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments. “During the suspension of work, the contractor must keep an eye on any additional costs that may be caused by the delay, so that the government can reimburse those expenses later.”

A federal judge in California has already instructed the administration to consider how the new executive orders affect a border wall case.

According to contractual experts, the government has a long right to terminate contracts, although such actions may be at their own challenges and cost. There are costs before construction begins, such as planning costs, land acquisition and manufacturing expenses, and pre-positioning equipment. If the contracts expire, there may also be a need to pay costs associated with cleaning, demonetisation and possible restoration of land for safety and environmental reasons. The cost will ultimately depend on the size of the contract and how much of the project has been completed so far.
Former Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan accepted those challenges as the administration moved forward to cancel additional contracts. “They can terminate those contracts if they want to, but it’s going to be a very long, messy process,” Morgan said late last year.

Part of the hurdles facing the Biden administration stem from cases demanding the confiscation of private land for wall construction. To that end, Ricky Garza, a staff attorney for the Texas Civil Rights Project, a legal advocacy group representing landowners in land confiscation cases, called the declaration “disappointing.”

“As a candidate, Biden promised not to make another foothold, rejecting lawsuits. This was what many of us were counting on,” Garza said. “There has been no new lawsuit, but in the 200-plus that does exist, there is a steady drunkenness that keeps things moving … it seems as if nothing has changed.”

In December, Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas, along with other lawmakers, sent Biden a letter asking his team to immediately prioritize ending the national emergency declaration, dismissing land seizure lawsuits, terminating wall contracts and environmental waivers Urged to save.

Kueler expressed confidence in a Biden White House proclamation issued Wednesday.

“This executive order is very important because it ends the National Emergency Declaration that allowed Trump to grab money from other departments,” Cullen told CNN. “The President has certainly met my expectations and I am very happy, very happy about it.”


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