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Boone preaches good relationships, a good process on the first day as manager of the Yankees

NEW YORK – On Wednesday afternoon the Yankees began a new era by introducing manager Aaron Boone at a press conference at Yankee Stadium. Boone went from ESPN player to analyst to Yankees manager, so he is a neophyte with no previous training or management experience.

"As for the things in the game, obviously there will be some things in which I am green as now I get my feet wet and I start shooting in game situations," Boone said on Wednesday. "I think that will come soon, as the mechanics go down, I think part of what is happening is surrounding itself with an exceptional technical team."

With the Yankees, the goal is always to win. The World Series, and Boone made it clear on Wednesday that he believes in building good relationships with his players and developing a solid process as an organization is an axis to success. Do it first and the results will follow.

"It starts obviously with a relationship, but that's a respect you win, I think with luck in a short time I'll be able to gain that respect," Boone said. "Obviously, this is a very talented team, a team that came of age this year and came in. I am very comfortable that my team and I will be part of this team that will take the next step."

Boone has already started contacting Yankees players and said he will begin meeting with them in the coming weeks to develop those relationships. He already knows many of them from his time on ESPN, since the Yankees are regulars on national television, but the relationship between the player and the manager is quite different from the relationship between announcer and player.

In many ways, the administrative situation is a microcosm of the Yankees in general. It is outside with the old and the new. The Yankees have a young team that will only become younger when top prospects like Gleyber Torres and Justus Sheffield join the roster, and now have a young manager to lead them. Risky? You bet. But that was always going to be the case.

"Anyone who knows me, the way I live my life, I've been a fairly constant person, it does not matter what's happening and the chaos around me," Boone said. when asked about how to deal with the pressure of work, especially when things are not going well. "One of the reasons I'm here is that I'm a pretty moderate guy, and a very constant guy, and someone that my players can count on in a storm."

On Wednesday it was only one day 1 of Boone's management career and spring training is still 69 days away, and there is a lot to do from here to there. Boone emphasized finding an efficient daily routine. He wants to head into the information bank of the team with the analysis group. You need to build a technical body. There is no exit in the off season.

Since the Yankees finished this season, to a World Series victory, expectations will be very high in 2018. That would be the case regardless of the team hired Boone. Boone will not have a grace period. These next 69 days is your time to get comfortable, catch up and prepare to start running in Tampa when pitchers and catchers report on February 13. .

"I understand what I signed up for, I understand what the expectations are," Boone added. "I do not want to get caught up in that personally, I do not think I will. My work will have an impact on that room, making the most of our players. , and hopefully the rest will resolve itself. & # 39; & # 39;

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