Books Tom Brady to join elite club in sports history with Super Bowl LV win

After 21 seasons in the NFL, Tom Brady looks to break records with every pass, every yard and every win, but a win for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers over the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV next week is particularly important for the veteran quarterback Will be.

Brady will have his 10th Super Bowl appearance on February 7, but a win would earn him his seventh NFL title, breaking the record for the most Super Bowls won by any single player. It would also put him ahead of the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots, with six teams with the most wins.

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But if Brady was to lead the Bucks to their first Super Bowl victory since 2003, he would join Baseball Hall of Famer Frank Robinson as a sports hall and 12-time NBA All-Star Oscar Robertson, who Went to win the championship in his first year. A new team.

Robertson, like Brady, spent his entire career with a team.

In 1970, he was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks after 10 seasons and six playoff appearances from the Cincinnati Royals. The Bucks would win 66 regular-season games with Robertson before sweeping the Washington Bullets to gain the franchise’s only NBA title.

Similarly, Robinson made his MLB debut for the Cincinnati Reds in 1956, where he played nine seasons before being traded to the Baltimore Orioles in 1966. The same year Robinson won the Triple Crown and .316 from 49 homers and 113 RBI and both. The American League and World Series MVPs honored the Dodgers’ 4–0 sweep in Baltimore.

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Robinson would earn his second title when Robinson won the 1970 World Series over the Reds.

Brady has a chance in the history of the game to win over the upcoming Super Bowl champions, along with Robertson and Robinson, who want to make history with back-to-back titles themselves.

There are only seven organizations to win the Super Bowl two seasons, with the Green Bay Packers starting the trend with a win in 1967, Super Bowl I and then the following season. The Steelers are arguably the most influential of the group, winning back-to-back titles in the 1975 and 1976 seasons and then winning again in the 1979 and 1980 seasons.

The Miami Dolphins have also held the Lombardi Trophy for consecutive seasons in 1973 and 1974.

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The list continues with the San Francisco 49ers (1989–1990), Dallas Cowboys (1993–1994), Denver Broncos (1998–1999) and Patriots (2004–2005).

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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