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Bonavita Metropolitan 8-Cup brewer: pros and cons, how to do it, news and more

Automatic, affordable coffee makers that make quality drips are hard to find. What comes out of cheap machines is usually horrible. Enter the $ 100 (becomes £ 74, AU $ 127) Bonavita Metropolitan 8-cup Brewer. Yes, it costs a bit more than the $ 40 coffeemaker's budget. The Metropolitan, however, has almost the same impressive brewing capabilities as his superior brother, the Bonavita Connoisseur for $ 190 . It is also easier to use and clean than the $ 100 capacity of Braun BrewSense KF7150 .

To reduce the price of the Metropolitan, Bonavita made some concessions. The biggest sacrifice is that it lacks a thermal carafe. Instead, the Metropolitan comes with a glass jug and a warming plate. As a result, the coffee brewed in the machine remains hot for about an hour. So slow Java drinkers should skip this brewer. Still, if you tend to drain the pots quickly and want an excellent drip for less, then the Metropolitan is a good investment.

Plastic with some kind

It is clear that the Metropolitan does not fit the mold of luxury appliances. His body is built entirely of plastic. That's a stark contrast to the stainless steel exteriors you'll find at Moccamaster and Connoisseur. Even the Braun BrewSense has some brushed metal sections. As the plastic says, the material that Bonavita chose for Metropolitan is not really basic. Somewhere between dark gray and black, polycarbonate has an attractive matte finish. In fact, the texture and feel remind me of classic Motorola and Nokia phones.

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