Bold predictions for week one: Collates vs Jaguars

this is So It is good to write about real football again. With a turbulent offseason officially in the rear view mirror, the Colts take on their divisional foe, the Jaguars, to travel to Jacksonville. Notably, he has not won a game in Jacksonville since 2014, the year the Colts improperly got to the AFC Championship Game. It is fair to ask if they really came into that game, as the performance indicates otherwise, but I digress.

With such an important game right out of the gate, it is time to make some bold predictions about the outcome of this particular competition.

The Colts score a non-offensive touchdown.

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Looking at the hole in a young Jaguars defense, I expect the Colts to have some offensive success. However, this is a Jaguar offense about which I have questions. While he has a fair amount of talent at receiver, his wardrobe is bare at running back, and he struggled to open the lanes that ran along the offensive line last year.

With the loss of Leonard Fournette, he will be forced to do his best with his back, and this photo is not one of a handful of superstars. Chris Thompson and James Robinson will handle the running game, and if you do not have fear in your heart, know that you are not alone.

When your offense becomes one-dimensional, your best bet for success is to have someone exceptional in the quarterback position. Unfortunately, Gardner is Minsove instead of Jaguar. He is a player who seemed to maximize his abilities last season, but no one would confuse him with Patrick Mahomes. For a Jaguars offense that will likely be forced into a formidable attack, that means a more predictable offense that could very well mean turnovers, and, at the very least, a lot of punts for Nyheim Hines. Return opportunities.

My prediction is that between Haine and the playmakers in the Colts defense, someone is coming home with touchdowns outside the range of the offense. This will be a big question for the season opener on the road, but these are not called light predictions.

Jonathan Taylor tops 100 yards and gets his first touchdown

This is a hard sell for some. Marlon Mack’s 2019 was very good and looked on track to start his 2020 season. While I think Mack has a chance to be a big factor in this game, it is Taylor that I am picking for a big cheat debut. Taylor has a shape And Speed ​​advantage over Marlon Mac. He is a kind of explosive player who can take great advantage of a poor defensive matchup and the Jaguars are not a good run defense. In 2019, on the 29thTh In average explosive run rate. Since that time, they have lost Kallis Campbell and Yannick Ngacoue. Their defensive line is clearly worse for those losses.

Marlon Mack is more than capable of being undisciplined defending for big gains, but he does not have Taylor’s power or long pace. I imagine Taylor coming in to give Mack a reprieve and taking large chunks of yards as the Colts offensive line gets him big holes to work with. At its peak Jack Doyle and a player who is still unknown to the Jags seems like a recipe for a big game, and I think this is the week when we see that happen.

Taequan lewis has a big game

NFL: AUG 18 Colts Training Camp

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All the camps we have heard his name. Tyquan Lewis has been a non-factor for the team. He is a black mark from 2018 on a top-heavy draft class. He started hurting in 2018, entering 2019, and after performing better he could not hit the ground. Now he is back and playing as a rotational man on the interior.

While working as a reliever for DeForest Buckner in 3-Tech, Lewis has begun to see results. Against the Colts offensive line, he repeatedly made lucrative plays at the camp, including besting Quenton Nelson several times at a time. If he cannot translate it into a regular session then nothing will matter.

Lewis will be against an offensive line that is acceptable, and play against a quarterback who will need to throw his way to victory. There will be an opportunity to shine, and with DeForest Buckner softening the line from above him, Lewis should be able to come into it and be disruptive. I am not guessing that he is a defensive player of the game candidate, but if he hits a sack, 4-5 tackles, and multiple QBs, it would be a huge deal for the man who has himself in the roster. Needs to be installed. .

Kicker issues

NFL: AUG 22 Colts Training Camp

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Talking about the kicker is a bit worse. The Colts were immune to that discussion for almost all of my fantasy, as they have had excellent kicking for a long time. Unfortunately, Adam Vinitieri’s demise was painful and evacuated last year, and now the team is on a rogue kicker as Rodrigo Blenkship. Although the genius may be a bespectacled kicker, he is still a cheater. This means that some conflicts are likely to occur. As frustrating as it may be, I think we’re going to see them on display early.

I certainly hope that we don’t spend too much time thinking about kickers, as this is not nearly the funniest aspect of football, but I hope we miss a couple in the game that could cause alarm is. While the game should not be one that is close enough to it, any kicking clash can be problematic due to a stretch for a team that wants to compete for a championship.

What are your predictions for the Colts in Week 1?

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