Bohemian Rhapsody Editor launches F-Bomb on viral taunting scene

Even though he has a lot of awards in his name and he won almost a billion dollars at the box office, Bohemian Rhapsody He has faced a lot of criticism. The aspect of the film that may have received the most criticism is the editing, particularly in the scene where Queen meets for the first time with manager John Reid, played by Chaos is a ladder, Aidan Gillen. And that scene has been sustained as evidence that Bohemian Rhapsody He did not deserve all his many compliments.

The scene, which was the subject of a viral video that obtained millions of visits, mocked the apparently fortuitous way in which it was edited, with extremely fast and discordant cuts. The editor (and composer) of the film, John Ottman, who won an Oscar for his release, is well aware of the criticism of the scene and in a recent interview dropped an F bomb on it. John Ottman said:

Wow, John Ottman could have won an Oscar for his problems, but he is clearly frustrated by the way that scene turned out and the violent reaction that followed, which, of course, has been his as editor of the film. As he told Score of The Epicleff Media: The Podcast, he was so frustrated that he actually went back into the editing area only to see the scene again and see it again as he originally intended.

That seems to be the main source of frustration for the Oscar winner. He has talked before about how the scene makes him want to put a bag on his head and the reason for that is that it is not what he wanted it to be. He is not proud of that scene because, as he said, that is not how he originally cut it.

John Ottman may have been the editor of Bohemian Rhapsody but that does not mean that he had complete and total authority on how the movie was cut. Although he went on to say that the change of director was not the culprit behind the scene, John Ottman was still constantly receiving notes from the study on editing.

John Ottman admits that the final cut of that mocked patio scene was his, the result of "too many cooks", and the studio notes that forced him to shave. The studio was concerned that the first act was too long and wanted to keep the pace of the film without slowing down for the scene in which Queen meets John Reid.

Describing the effect he had on the scene, John Ottman said:

So, what happened was that John Ottman had to take a scene that was much longer and edit it with a faster rhythm, all while maintaining the fundamental elements of the original scene. The final result of those somewhat opposed objectives is the rhythm of the action / montage movie of the conversation scene of the mocking playground.

At the time of the Oscars, there was talk that John Ottman basically saved. Bohemian Rhapsody In the editing room and taking into account what he said here, it would be very curious how his "Editor's Cut" of the film would look. It seems unlikely that we will ever make it, but maybe one day you can do your "damn dissertation" with the effects study notes and many chefs can have in a movie.

While that scene can always be a thorn in John Ottman's side, it was still a big part of a hugely successful film and he got his first Oscar, so I'd say it's a net victory.

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