Bodycam footage shows the second arrest of a woman without a mask, this time at the Texas City store –

Bodycam footage shows the second arrest of a woman without a mask, this time at the Texas City store

HOUSTON – On Friday, Texas City Police released the body camera videos of two officers involved in the arrest of a woman without a mask.

Terry Wright is accused of refusing to wear a mask inside a store in the city of Texas. A few days earlier, she was charged with resisting arrest and criminal search for the same act inside a Galveston bank. This incident occurred one day after Texas lifted the state mask mandate.

On Wednesday, shortly after 9 a.m., Texas City Police said they responded to an Office Depot at 9550 Emmett F Lowry Expy, where a woman inside the store refused to wear a mask or leave the store.


According to body camera footage, the first officer arrived at the store and was greeted by an employee. When the officer approached, the woman was yelling information from her phone and was leaning against a checkout counter at the front of the store.

The officer told the woman: “If you refuse to leave, you will go to jail for trespassing.”

“You can not. You want to read this, ”Wright replied as he motioned for the officer to look at his phone. “These are my federal rights.”

Wright refused to leave the store and the officer proceeded to handcuff her as she resisted and told the officer that he was violating her rights. By then another officer had arrived on the scene and helped handcuff and escort Wright out of the store.

In the other body camera video, the second officer entered the store and approached Wright, who was being held by another officer.

“This is a major violation,” Wright said repeatedly as officers handcuffed her.


“I’m trying to teach you my rights,” he said later as he left the store.

As the two officers escorted her out of the store, they discovered that Wright was also involved in the Bank of America incident in Galveston last week. They contacted Galveston police and confirmed that Wright had two warrants related to the Galveston incident.

Terry Wright was charged with resisting arrest and burglary last week after refusing to wear a mask inside a Galveston bank. (Galveston Police Department)

Wright was detained and transported to the Galveston County Jail by the Texas City Police Department for search and processing. She was detained on a burglary charge, with a bond set at $ 1,000, and a search charge for resisting arrest or transportation, with a bond set at $ 1,500, according to the Texas City Police Department.

No additional charges related to the Office Depot incident were filed, according to the statement.

According to the videos, there were at least three officers at the scene.

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