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Body of missing actor Charles Levin believes found by Oregon authorities

Authorities who searched a remote section of southern Oregon found what they believe is the body of missing actor Charles Levin, police said Sunday.

Search engines first found Levin's car on Saturday night near an impassable road with its dead pug, Boo Boo Bear, inside, the Grants Pass Public Safety Department said in a statement.

Levin's apparent remains were found later after a search and rescue team conducted a grid search of "very steep and rugged terrain," the statement said.

Authorities believe they found the remains of actor Charles Levin in Oregon on Saturday.Todd Moran / Grants Pass Police Department

The medical examiner still needs to identify those remains, police said in the statement, although there is a "high probability" that they are his "according to the circumstances."

It was not immediately clear how Levin could have died.

The body was found in Josephine County, north of the California state line.

Levin, 70, had dozens of roles in television and film from the 1970s to the 1990s, appearing in "Hill Street Blues," "Alice," "Seinfeld," "NYPD Blue," and "Law and Order." "

Levin was reported missing after his son called the police department in the city of Grants Pass on Monday, according to a local newspaper, the Medford Tribune Mail.

Levin lived in Grants Pass and moved from one house to another when he disappeared, the newspaper reported.

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