Body cam video shows the fatal shooting of an unarmed person by a police officer during a mental health checkup

On January 10, Officer Renaldo Contreras called Veteran’s family for psychiatric assistance and arrived at Patrick Warren’s home.

The police department said in a statement that, upon the officer’s arrival, Warren was “emotionally distraught,” and newly released body camera footage reveals tense moments that led to the contortionist’s three-time assault on Warren. Fired

In the video, Contras can be seen sneaking into the house after he is asked by someone to “get in”. Contreras quickly exits after Warren shouts and moves towards him.

Warren can be seen moving towards the officer in the front yard and ignoring verbal orders to lay down. After the officer retreats and continues to issue warnings, such as “You’re tired,” he uses his tusser.

Warren initially falls down, but then stands back and continues to push towards the officer. Contreras uses Taser again, but Warren continues to move forward and Contreras deploys his shotgun.

Warren, who was 52, was rushed to the hospital and succumbed to his injuries.

The family’s lawyer called it ‘one of the worst officer-involved shootings I’ve seen’

The family’s lawyer, Lee Merritt, demanded the officer be fired. According to KWTX, Merritt told reporters earlier this week after the body camera footage was released, “This is one of the worst officer-fired shootings I’ve seen.”

Merritt did not return calls from CNN on Thursday and Friday after the footage was released.

Contrares, a five-year veteran of the department, is on administrative leave, according to the Killeen Police Department. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, an investigation is underway by the Texas Rangers.

Bell County District Attorney Henry Garza directed all inquiries to the Texas Rangers.

Police Chief Charles Kimble said this week that Contreras did everything to use non-lethal force against Warren before deploying his gun.

Kimble told reporters on Tuesday, “I don’t see where he could have done anything else. I saw an officer trying to handle the call, trying to de-escalate the call.”

“Looking at the same set of circumstances, I don’t know what else we can do,” he said.

Kenosha provoked the officer over the split between caste and police, and reprimanded the police after the accusations of the officer who shot Jacob Blake;

Kimble said the contrails had more than the minimum amount of mandatory training, but added that the police department is looking at ways to better address psychiatrists.

On Saturday, January 9, the day before the shooting, the county sent a mental health sub to Warren’s home. Merritt previously told CNN that the meeting with the county deputy went well. Warren voluntarily went to the hospital that night with a deputy but refused to remain in the hospital for further treatment.

When the family called for another mental health check-up the next day, a police officer was dispatched. According to Merritt, the family wanted a mental health deputy again instead of a police officer.

Asked why a police officer was deployed on Sunday, Kimble said the caller raised concerns with the family over what was heard on the phone.

“It was a call for a psychopath,” Kimble said. “But as the call taker was listening to the caller, if certain things were said, or certain things were heard, it indicated a different reaction … It caused the police to react, and This sparked a backlash from the fire and the medics. Standing up. ”

CNN has reached out to the Killeen Police Employees Association for comment, but has not heard back yet.


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