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Bobby Roode Heel Turn would provide the necessary boost after the loss against Dolph Ziggler

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Dolph Ziggler defeated Bobby Roode and Baron Corbin in a Triple Threat match at the Clash of Champions on Sunday to win the US Championship in front of an astonished Boston crowd, but the biggest achievement of the game is that Roode needs a great change of character.

Roode performed some of the best performances of his career during his time at NXT, and It was without a doubt the best heel that the brand had to offer.

In addition to his excellent work in the ring, Roode's trick was that of a narcissistic idiot who despised both his opponents and the NXT Universe. He told anyone who would listen that he was the reason for NXT's success, and cut out countless fantastic promos in the process.

Due mainly to the popularity of its musical theme, Roode was taken to the main list as a face. Instead of trying to combat the initial positive reaction that Roode was destined to achieve, WWE joined and embraced the situation.

Roode lost much of the momentum he had accumulated during his career as an NXT champion, however, and he probably will not recover it by remaining in a face role.

Despite his immense talent, Roode has seemed flat on the main roster. The creative team has not done him any favors by placing him in the middle of feudos without heat before players like Corbin and Ziggler.

While putting the US Championship on Roode could have been a step in the right direction, the fact that he has lost out should not hurt him very much if he is given the opportunity to prove his true rank as an interpreter.

The United States title has elevated the Superstars in the past, but it seems to be more often act as an albatross that prevents talent from reaching the next level.

Although the US Championship could potentially have helped Roode in terms of giving him some direction, there would not have been much intrigue about a Canadian babyface being American. Headline.

A retaliation of NXT's "better than you" attitude as a heel may have changed that, but that's a direction Roode can still follow even without the title.

The middle letter is virtually non-existent on SmackDown, but building Roode on a strong heel could do a lot to change that.

Also, with AJ Styles celebrating the WWE Championship, having Roode on the heel would increase the chances of him moving to the main event scene in the near future.

Roode has the main event level talent in all aspects, but the way he has positioned himself since his call has prevented him from showing that.

He never looked out of place as a main eventer on NXT, and it can be the case that he even eclipsed Shinsuke Nakamura most of the time during his fight.

Due to lack of heels in SmackDown, Roode has a twist that prepares him to raise the card.

Maintaining the status quo could further stall The Glorious One, and it would be a great loss for a Superstar that should be an important asset for SmackDown Live.

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