Bobby Hurley, out of the San Juan hunt, Tim Cluess remains at the forefront


Thanks but no thanks.

Bobby Hurley moved to St. John's after Chris Mullin resigned as head coach, accepting a five-year extension to stay in the state of Arizona, a source confirmed. The question is where the athletic director of St. John and Mike Cragg will look now that his first choice is no longer a consideration.

St. John's began talking to Iona coach Tim Cluess on Wednesday night and again on Thursday, the sources said. The discussions have given Cluess the impression that it is the main goal of St. John, although school sources have said that the search is still open.

St. John's had been talking to Hurley, considered by many to be Cragg's best choice from the moment rumors began that Mullin was leaving. But on Thursday night, Hurley tweeted that he was in contractual talks with Arizona State for an extension of his agreement, which was not until after the 2022-23 season. The 47-year-old won $ 2.6 million last year and had an expensive purchase. A source close to the Jersey City native said he likes to live in Arizona, which would have to be dragged out of Pac-12 school for a rebuilding job in St. John's (it was said he was looking for $ 3 million for year), although I was really interested in going home.

"My family and I are proud to be Sun Devils and we want to stay in the state of Arizona for a long time" Hurley tweeted.

As for Cluess, she was in Iona on Wednesday doing team training, but sources said she was very interested in the job. He recently enlisted in the services of agent Jordan Bazant, the first time he had representation, according to a source. Cluess, like Hurley, has a significant purchase, but its price would be lower. One source said it won in the range of $ 600,000 to $ 700,000 last year.

Even before Hurley's news, the rumor in St. John's revolved around Cluess, although it was not expected that a search resolution would be reached by Friday, the sources said.

If it's not Cluess, Cragg could target someone with whom he has worked closely in the past at Duke, such as Harvard coach Tommy Amaker or Blue Devils badociate trainer Jon Scheyer. Assistant coach Greg St. Jean has remained to badist current St. John players during this transition. He has received a lot of support in the social networks of the current and past players of St. John, although it is likely that his best bet is that of whoever hires Cragg.

Cluess, 60, a Long Island native, has led Iona to six NCAA tournaments over the past nine years. He has an impressive record of 199-108 at the MAAC school and is universally respected in the area of ​​the three states. He has made his way in the ranks of coach, from high school to university, Division II and Iona. He played for St. John's since 1979-81 before moving to Hofstra. His three brothers and sisters all played at St. John's.

The local high school and the AAU coaches have expressed their love for Cluess, believing that he is the answer to problems like St. John's, who has reached the NCAA Tournament only four times in the last 18 years and has not has won a NCAA Tournament game since 2000.

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