Bob Woodward reveals new tape of Trump’s shocking COVID comments to Stephen Colbert

Keep coming from hit Anger Writer Bob Woodward, who premiered a new exclusive audio recording of President Donald Trump, admitted behind closed doors that he had already started taking coronoviruses in public for a long time.

“Bob, it’s so easily passable, you wouldn’t even believe it,” Trump can be heard saying on tape, which Woodward recorded on April 13, 2020, and Stephen for the Monday night episode Shared with Colbert Late show. The president goes on to explain that what he apparently thought was a hilarious story about being with a group of advisers in the Oval Office when one of them let out a sneeze.

“A man sneezes, innocently,” Trump says. “A terrible one – not just a sneeze. The whole room went out, okay? Including me, by the way

“He’s finally making light there, but there’s something exceptionally shocking in his heart,” Colbert said after listening to the clip.

“Yes,” Woodward replied, reminding viewers that Trump was still “reducing the virus”, as he admitted to the journalist a few weeks earlier. Referring to the president’s most indoor rally in Nevada on Sunday night, he said, “God knows how many people are there, all packed together, I wonder if anyone sneezed the front row if Trump is out again Get out and get out of the way. ”

“Anyway, this is a very serious matter, as you know,” Woodward continued. With more than 190,000 Americans dead from the virus, he said “my reporting suggests he was to go back in January” about how dangerous it really was.