Bob Saget jokes about Candace Cameron Bure’s PDA photo with husband

Fuller House Star Bob Saget is pushing for Candace Cameron Bure after a picture of an angry PDA by some fans of her husband.

“Love you guys and congratulations on second base !!!” Written by 64-year-old actor and comedian who played Candace’s TV dad on both entire house And has a Netflix spin-off Fuller House. Saget wrote the commentary under two Friday photos of Candace and her husband Val Bure. In one photo she was touching her breast. “Sweet and spicy,” she wrote. “24 years and counting.”

This week, Candace, who is a Christian, posted the photo on her Instagram story with the caption, “Classic Val.” But the image irked her followers, which the Hallmark star said in a later video: “To all you Christians who are questioning my post on my husband’s boobs with my husband’s hand – my husband of 24 years – It was unfair thinking, it makes me laugh because it’s my husband, we have a lot of fun together. “

“He can touch me anytime, and I hope he does,” the 44-year-old said. “It’s a healthy, good marriage and relationship.” The actress said, “I’m sorry if this offends you. I’m not really sorry.”

Bob Saget and Jalil White weighed in on the controversial Instagram post of Candace Cameron Bure. (Screenshot: Instagram / CandaceCameronBure)

The photo, she explained, portrayed the pair’s love affair. “He can touch me all day long,” he said.

Candace and Val, a former hockey player, share three children: Natasha, 22, Lev, 20, and Maxim, 18. The couple is to get a daughter-in-law – in August, Lev becomes engaged to his girlfriend Taylor Hutchison. .

Saketh was not the only sitcom star to find humor in Cameron’s post – Jalil White, who played Steve Urkal in the nine-year television series Family matter, Warned, “These Christian comments may be a handful.” Looking good [Cam]. “

before Fuller House The season finale aired in June, with Saget (who played the clean-obsessed Danny Tanner) in a TV video passionate about his TV daughters Candace (DJ Tanner), Jodi Sweeton (Stephanie Tanner) and Andrea Barber (neighbor Kimmy Gibbler) Have become. “I am proud that I am able to raise these girls and know that they were like my daughters,” she said.

Actors Candace Cameron (middle) and Jaleel White (R) are featured in 1991 alongside Jeremy Miller (L). (Photo: Ron Gallaella, Ltd. / Ron Galala Collection via Getty Images)

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