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The St. Louis Blues say that the City Comptroller is in contempt of court for not delivering his signed copy of the $ 64 million Scottrade Center renewal contract.

The Blues filed a motion in the San Luis Tribunal on Tuesday morning against Comptroller Darlene Green, who said he is in fact violating Judge Joan Moriarty's order on November 27 to sign the agreement. On Monday, Green announced that he had signed the agreement under the order, but retained it until he had time to appeal.

As it is written, Moriarty's order does not explicitly say that Green has to distribute a signed copy of the document, it just says that Green had to sign it within five days, a deadline that pbaded on Monday. But the Blues say it's equivalent to not signing the agreement if Green's actions continue to prevent it from coming into force.

"It's not good (for Blues owners) to have a signed agreement that has not been released to the public." The attorneys for Blues wrote in support of the motion.

The motion requests that Green be fined $ 1,000 per day until she submits her signed copy of the financing contract. If Moriarty evaluates any fine against Green, it is likely that the money will be paid by the city, which is also paying for its defense.

The Board of Aldermen narrowly approved the agreement in February but Green declined to sign the document because it said it would hurt the city's credit rating. The owners of Blues, Kiel Center Partners, filed a lawsuit in August alleging that Green was required by law to sign it.

In his order filed on November 27, Moriarty said nothing in the city's letter gives the comptroller "the discretion to refuse to endorse the financing agreement based on his belief that the expense is reckless. " Green's attorney, Elkin Kistner, filed a motion Monday asking Moriarty to change his order because it was "fatally injected." with legal error. "

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