Blue Jas Manager: series on Philips due to virus

Toronto Blue Jays manager Charlie Montoyo said his team’s weekend series in Philadelphia was closed on Thursday because of concerns about coronoviruses after two Phillies employees tested positive.

“Right now our plans are to put Put and MLB to work,” Manteo said before playing the last of the four matches at his club Washington. “We are not going to Philadelphia. Those games have been postponed. “

This is the latest in a series of scheduling changes as Major League Baseball attempts to play a 60-game season in a growing epidemic in parts of the United States.

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Earlier on Thursday, word surfaced that another player with the Miami Marlins – who had recently played in Philadelphia – tested positive for COVID-19, according to a person familiar with the situation, calling his total outbreak Gave up to 17 players.

The Phillies said Wednesday’s test of their team did not yield any positive results among the players. But there were two positives: one from a coaching staff member and one from a home clubhouse staff member.

All activity at Citizens Bank Park was canceled until further notice on Thursday.

The Blue Jays are stuck on the road because the Canadian government will not let them use their stadium in Toronto this season as there are apprehensions about teams traveling back and forth to the United States. Ultimately, Blue Jay should play a home game at a minor league ballpark in Buffalo, but it is not ready. So Manteo’s team played their “home opener” in Washington on Wednesday.

The Blue Jayes were to begin a three-match series at the Phillies on Friday. First, MLB moved Friday’s game to Saturday in part of a doublehead, ending the series on Sunday – and now all three games are scattered, leaving Toronto in limbo.

Montoyo said, “We’re going to talk to the citizens, see if we can work here?”

Blue Jayce reliever Jordan Romano says the long break should not pose a problem.

“I consider it a small challenge,” he said. “I think we can still hope that the pitchers throw the bullpen. I think we will be ready to roll even after this four-day break, if he is going to do that. “

Miami’s team remains in quarantine in Philadelphia, where the outbreak of the Marlins was discovered during a weekend series against the Phillies.

Two Marlin staff members have also tested positive.

The man, who spoke to The Associated Press on Thursday about Marlins, did so on condition of anonymity because the test results were not announced.

Miami’s weather has been suspended at least through Sunday, and it looks like the schedule will change next week, too.

Milwaukee Brewers general manager David Sterns says it’s important for the league to understand what’s happening in Miami.

“The amount of positivity we’ve seen on a team now is worrying,” he said. “And I think everybody feels that way. We have a very strong set of protocols for a clear reason to prevent this from happening. “

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After Thursday’s game, the Nationalists will be stuck in Washington as their three-match series for Miami on Friday was postponed due to the Marlins’ outbreak.

Nationals manager Dave Martinez joked that his team’s upcoming four-day layoff – Monday was already a scheduled day, so the World Series champions would not play against the New York Mets until Tuesday the next day – a “mini all-in”. It is like Star Break. “

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