Bloomberg: Apple to launch 3G AirPods and 2G General AirPods Pro in 2021, potential third HomePod model will also work

According to a new report, Apple plans to update its AirPods line next year with two new models, including third-generation AAPPods and second-generation AirPods Pro. Bloomberg.

The Cupertino, California-based technology giant is working on two new models: the third-generation entry-level ir AirPods and the second version of the IR AirPods Pro earbuds, according to people familiar with the plans.

The models will connect with other new Apple audio devices such as the HomePod Mini and upcoming over-ear headphones.

Defying previous rumors about the new borAAPPods model, the report claims that the new entry-level odAirPods will have a form factor design similar to designAirPods Pro, with shorter stem and replaceable ear tips, but the latter earbuds. High-end features such as noibeds. Cancellation. Apple, however, wants to improve the entry-level looking AirPods’ battery life.

For the second version of the Ir AirPods Pro, Apple aims to make the earbuds more compact by eliminating the smaller stem that currently sticks to the bottom, and is said to be testing a design with a “more rounded shape”. That fills more of a user’s one ear, “which makes them similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Buds and rival designs similar to Amazon and Google.

According to the report, integrating the AirPods Pro features, antennas and microphones into a smaller casing has proved “challenging” during development, resulting in “a less ambitious design when the product is finalized.”

Apple is reportedly discussing launching new low-end PAirPods during the first half of next year and is also planning new wireless chips to power both models. Apple launched the original ir AAPPods for $ 159 in 2016 and updated them with a wireless charging case in March 2019, while andAirPods Pro came out in October 2020 and cost $ 249.

The report claimed that Apple is also announcing a new model of HomePod that will sit between the original H HomePod and the recently announced ‌Hompod Mini ‘.

Beyond the new irAAPPODs, Apple has also internally weighed a new PHomePod that sits between the original $ 299 omeHomePodh and $ 99 NHomePod Mini in size, price, and sound quality. It is not clear whether Apple will eventually launch that product or cut the price of the high-end version.

Apple unveiled the $ 99 omeHomePod Mini earlier this month with new smart home features for speakers like Intercom.

The report also details where Apple’s rumored “AirPods Studio” headphones are. according to this Bloomberg, Apple still plans to announce high-end noise-canceling over-year headphones, but the product has faced several development challenges over the past two years, leading to many delays and increased functionality, Including dropping the changed headband concept.

Headphones were due to go into production week, but it was pushed back due to problems with the headband, a person familiar with the matter said. That part was considered too tight in some tests.

The company initially wanted to include larger touch pads on the sides of the headphones, but reduced the size of those panels. Apple has withdrawn some of the headphones’ interchangeable functionality, which was a hallmark of the initial concept. The latest version of the product is likely to lack a replaceable headband, but may still include interchangeable ear pads.

Previously priced at $ 350, the rumored “sAAPPods Studio” expects active noise-canceling and a retro-style design, with premium models made of high quality materials and a sport made of breathable, lightweight. -Multiple models may include both .weight material.

As the report suggests, irAAPPods Studio will likely feature magnetic ear cups that can be swapped for a customized look, such as Apple Watch Band, and may have additional features such as ear recognition, so wear headphones There is no right or left side.

The photo and a video clip purported to depict the PAPPods studio in September featured headphones with large rectangular ear cups and gray fabric padding on top of the headband. The ear cup and headband cloth appear to be similar to the mesh used for ोमhompods.

Rumors have suggested that Apple may plan to hold a third Fall event on November 17, which Apple is said to focus on on Silicon Mac, but could also see the debut of ir AirPods Studio. However, the 2020 launch date is not a definite thing, as there is some mixed information suggesting suggestAAPPods Studio may not be ready for launch, so it is not yet clear what is going to happen.


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