Bloodborne remaking as PS1 game

While we await news of a possible next-gen remaster and the PC version of Bloodborne, one is imagining a different kind of remake of the action-adventure game. A developer turning the game into something like the Gothic spirits of software for the original PlayStation.

The demake comes courtesy of developer Lilith Walther, who has stayed away to create Blarborn, which since 1997 has appeared almost like a 3D horror game. He is looking at various aspects of the blood bank yet on Twitter of this project, and demonstrating the necessary changes. Only a few years ago the edge was cutting and to fit on the technology almost three decades old.

He is not the first to reconstruct Bloodborne in this way, with developer Max Mraz from Yarnstown turning the Open World game into a top-down Zelda-like, but Walther has some interesting perspectives for his work. An obvious opposite is the draw distance, typical PlayStation fog being common, making the encounter more inauspicious. A bowel attack does a set amount of damage, and when you are available you get a large R1 symbol. Walther is regularly threading on the facilities, as he connects them, to the points of saving your hunter’s voice.

This is another in a long line of demos exploring various games through various palettes, mechanics and genres. In addition to Yarnstown, we have done Disco Elysium on Game Boy, Deadly Promotion on Game Boy, and Super Smash Bros. on NES.

Walther is working with Heartstrings Studio on a witch called JRPG due to 2022, and you can find more information on that. We’re still hoping for that Bloodborne PC port, and these fan projects are making anticipation a little easier.

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