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Bloodborne, Dark Souls Dev software mocks the new game

Just before the official start of The Game Awards, Dark Souls and developer Bloodborne From Software offered a mockery of their last game with a small 10-second preview. Very little is known about the game, since all that was shown was a bloody rope wrapped around a radius between what appear to be two bones. The background shows what appears to be a scroll with inked scripts, but none of the elements provides a clear clue about the game in question. Recently, From Software confirmed that it is working on a new Armored Core game, although the video shown is far from what we expect from that particular series.

The only detail that stood out as a possible link was the phrase: "Shadows die twice". It is not clear if this is the title, or simply a slogan.

In September 2016, the president and creator of From Software, Hidetaka Miyazaki, stated that, in addition to working on a new Armored Core game, the company was also developing a "strange" game. "When I say 'weird', the genre can be a bit strange," he explained. "The game is weird, but we're doing it seriously, so I just want people to know when they think it's weird."

During the same interview, Miyazaki also stated: "For me, Dark Souls III is the end, but that does not mean the end for Dark Souls, if someone else, like another member of staff, wants to make Dark Souls, so I do not want to deny others to make future deliveries "[19659005]
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