BLM mob faints white man after building crashed truck

A crowd of Portland Black Lives Matter and Antifa militants forced a white man to crash his truck, then pushed and knocked him unconscious, disturbing the footage shows.

A series of clips on social media showed the victim surrounded by his white truck at 10:30 a.m. Sunday as others attacked his wife, who was dropped to the ground during a violent scuffle and even That he was also dealt with.

“He did nothing!” Someone can be heard calling as the others punched the driver as he sat in his truck, which was also kicked repeatedly.

The unknown driver eventually gave chase, followed by the crowd – some heard with a loud laugh when he crashed into a light pole according to the clip.

He was dragged from the truck to the ground – being repeatedly punched as he tried to call his wife while he was pleading while sitting on the ground with his attackers.

“I’ve tried not to hurt anyone,” he told them, with only vague accusations heard in the clip that “COVID is real.”

“I was trying to find a way out,” he insisted, crashing his truck as several people in the group punched him in the face and repeatedly called the white driver the N-word.

As the crowd dispersed to watch another fight, the main culprit swung around – kicking the defenseless driver in the face from behind, immediately kicking him out of the road.

“What the fk are you talking about, n-er!” The attacker shouted after slamming his victim’s head to the ground.

The victim was shown bleeding from a large wound in the back of his head as he appeared unconscious in a clip of approximately 2½ minutes. His wife was shown dragging nearby as the crowd grabbed her from behind and showed the rifle through her truck.

Portland police said in a release, police had to assist ambulance crews in riot gear, as they were confronted by “a hostile mob”.

Police said the victim was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries. The force said that the incident is being investigated and no arrests have been made.

The police statement said it was unclear what the collision situation was, but the protesters were chasing the truck before the crash and assaulted the driver.

According to Scribar News co-founder Calan D’Almeida, the crowd was made up of Black Lives Matter and Antifa militants, Shared a video.

The man who was kicked on the head and allegedly knocked unconscious in Portland, Portland is lying on the street
The man who was kicked in the head and allegedly lay unconscious in Portland, Oregon is in a street.Kallen D’Almida / Scriber New

The incident came after Seattle BLM members marched through the Gentry neighborhood and blondes demanded to leave their homes.

And it came a day after Portland officials once again declared the riot a violence, claiming to be protesting the death of George Floyd, as they had done nightfall for nearly two months.

According to reports, two police were hospitalized on Saturday night after protesters hurled 10-pound rocks at them during the 79th night of the night.


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