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Blizzard: There is not an important game planned for 2019

Blizzard Entertainment does not have a "first-line launch" planned for fiscal year 2019, the company announced today during its quarterly earnings call with investors, which means there will be no new titles in the next 12 months, including an expected entry. in the main line in the Diablo franchise.

"We expect significantly less financial performance this year," said Activision Blizzard president Collister "Coddy" Johnson at the conference call, during which the company discussed its earnings for the 2018 fiscal year. "2018 benefited from the release of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, while we are not planning an important front-line release for 2019. "

If that excludes the next mobile game Devil Immortal, or World of Warcraft Classic, the reissue of the original version prior to the expansion of the MMO is not clear; but with both games playable in BlizzCon 2018, it seems that these games do not count as "first line". We have contacted Blizzard for more details.

Not only is Blizzard's earnings expected to decline this year, but Activision Blizzard has also restructured the company to redirect development efforts, a move that involves cutting nearly 800 jobs across its teams and studios. The company announced during the call that it eliminated 8 percent of its workforce, mainly in non-development areas. In the future, Activision Blizzard hopes to increase its development workforce by 20 percent.

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